Homoeopathy: A Boon During Acutes

Homoeopathy: A Boon During Acutes

Fever, diarrhea, malaria,
Is there any answer to these?
Pain, cold, cough and other infected areas,
Will we get sooner reliefs?
Nature has given us all the answers,
It is we who cease to unveil.
If we follow what the nature has to offer,
We definitely have a pathway
towards recovery with ease.

Homoeopathy: A Boon During Acutes

We frequently come across these questions when it comes to Acute illnesses:

  • What is an Acute illness? What happens in our body during an Acute?
  • Are bacteria, viruses, fungii, parasites, etc. etc., the so called external factors or germs, the real cause behind development of Acute illness?
  • What factors to keep in mind when opting for treatment for Acutes?
  • What are the benefits of opting for homeopathy for Acutes?
  • What is role of homeopathy in Acutes?
  • Is there any truth in the myth that homoeopathy functions slow in treating Acutes?

Let us have a quick look at the answers for these questions one after another.

What is an Acute illness?

  • Nature has designed human as a holistic being where the mind and body function as a single unit with interdependency be that in Health or in Disease.
  • In ‘Health’ there is a balance between the mind and body complex.
  • In ‘Disease’ scenario this balance gets disturbed and the manifestation of imbalance is experienced holistically- in mind as well as in body.
  • Acutes are no different.

The Melodrama of Acute is nothing but an outward expression of the disturbed whole, with heightened intensity of disease manifestation.

Acutes are self-limiting illnesses which have very sudden and intense symptoms. They represent the crystallized form of the strong disturbance in a diseased being. As the body is unable to retain and hold the strong internal disturbance, it is thrown up in the form of an acute illness. The illness exhibits itself through attention seeking symptoms.

How should one address an Acute illness:To have answer to this question, it is vital to know that:

  • During disease condition, when our body-mind complex is imbalanced or rather disturbed, our immunity is at stake.
  • Our weaker inner immunity makes us more susceptible to external infectious factors.
  • The infections find shelter in our internal unfit environment, and our immunity is unfit to fight out the infection. That is how we develop Acute infections.

The opportunistic external infections can be anything ranging from bacteria, virus, parasites or fungii, etc. etc. Or we sometimes know the acute by names Malaria (Parasite invasion in body) or Typhoid, Pneumonia, etc. etc., to name a few, but it is essential to understand that the internal holistic disturbance is the reason for making us susceptible to Acutes rather than just the external infectious factors.

And it is equally important to know that until and unless our holistic inner disturbance, and not just ‘the mind’ or ‘the body’, is answered with a ‘holistic solution’ we keep getting back the Acutes again and again.

Homoeopathy is one such available possibility because it addresses the disease [be that Acute / otherwise] at holistic level.

How about Antibiotics during Acutes?

We have patient questioning us- “But, Doctor, with Antibiotics / Anti-malarials / etc. etc., we get quick results….” The answer to this dilemma is simple.

YES- there is [or may be] a relief- fast and quick – BUT

  • The relief is not Permanent
  • There are chances to have the problem back, probably with more intensity each time.
  • There are chances that the Antibiotics / Anti…etc. etc. fail to work beyond a certain stage.
  • And, the Antibiotics / Anti… etc. etc. bring their own side-effects for the Body.
  • Antibiotics kills normal defense causing good bacteria of body causing further problems.

To make it simple,

Suppose, there is an attack by an enemy and our army is weak;

In such situations, the solutions can be many-

First option is to hire someone else’s army and take help from them. That is probably quick and fast.

BUT, with this, we stay dependent on the external army, our army stays weak and handicap and we attract more enemies in the future.

The next option is to strengthen and prepare our own army to fight back for the current attack as well as for further invasions.

With this, the result probably is, less future attacks by enemies, stronger arm-force and independency!

The wise decision is to stay STONG and INDEPENDENT, isn’t it?

And that is exactly what homeopathy works at!

The therapeutic ability of the homeopathic treatment lets the body develop its own soldiers and helps the body to build its own immune powers and sets the patient free from the current acute pathology at the same time prevents recurrent infections. . And the holistic healing capability of homeopathy lets the patient enjoy the optimum health at all the levels of his being including the mind and the physical body.

Thus, homeopathy is an immediate as well as long term approach to such short term attacks (Acutes).

Thus, HOMOEOPATHY is an immediate as well as long term approach to such short term attacks (Acutes).

How Homeopathy brings holistic cure during Acutes:

The acute illness is understood keeping a check over the manifestations at various levels in a patient (conscious level as well as the sub-conscious level). Noting all the manifestations occurring at various levels (physical, general, psychological, emotional, sub-conscious, and experiential levels) help the homeopath to understand the root cause behind the acute illness. Once the root cause is followed, perfect remedy (the simillimum) is prescribed that is capable to bring balance and EASE the DIS-EASE self. The balancing act caused by the simillimum at root level is experienced as health at all the levels – be that patient’s emotions, or intellect, or thought process, or or his sub-conscious self or his physical self. A detailed understanding of the acute is often a window to the constitutional pattern of an individual.

Lastly, let’s go to the most skeptical question, a myth that refrains the patient from taking homeopathy during Acutes:


It is a myth that homeopathy takes a long time to act. In homeopathic science any right medicine given in the right amount will act at the right time with quick possible results. When the disturbed holistic pattern of patient gets treated with the prescribed simillimum (the perfect remedy), the simillimum behaves like a perfect key for a particular lock, making the effect almost spontaneous. The body starts balancing and functioning effectively in a very short course of time.

People often wonder about homoeopathy’s effectiveness in various acute conditions such as Pneumonia, Malaria, Typhoid, Viral flu, etc. etc in due time frame. But, its now easy to follow that in a homeopath’s perception, it’s not only important to treat the organism or mode of infection, but rather it is crucial to perceive the situation beyond that and keep a check over how much patient’s holistic balance and immunity has been developed to fight against the present as well as future infection and that is the real win over such ACUTES.

Observations that you can make to help us understand you holistically during your Acutes:

  • Note the chief complaint in detail, in terms of its location, time modality, type of pain, associated symptoms / feelings / delusions / experience caused by the chief complaint.
  • Note changes at all levels including physical body, general level, emotional level as well as the associated behavior changes.
  • Note down any specific dreams / fears / thought pattern that have come up during or around the acute phase.
  • Note down the development of any bodily sensation along with the Acute.
  • Note the incident or events that might have caused the Acute.
  • Note any specific food desires or aversions that have developed along with the Acute.
  • Note down all the factors that either worsens or relieves your complaints.
  • Note down changes in your thirst or appetite.
  • Also look for the activity and energy change during the Acute illness.
  • In cases of fever, note down the temperature and its distribution in the body parts e.g. which parts are relatively more hot or cold, associated changes in perspiration and location of perspiration, associated thermal changes (feeling hot /cold), time of development of different stages of fever (Heat, Chill, Sweat), periodicity of fever, if any.

Also, do note that during any Acutes, continuous observation made by you as well as your homeopath is must for a faster recovery and for effective healing. So it is advisable to stay in contact with your homeopath and inform him the changes in frequent intervals.

You will be happy to know that for any kind of Acutes that you may suffer from, whether it is flu, cold or cough, loose motions, car-sickness, urinary tract infections, conjunctivitis, PID (Slip Disk in laymen term), acute sciatica, migraine, heat- stroke, acidity, mouth ulcers (Stomatitis), menstrual pains (Dysmenorrhea), ill-effect of chemotherapy, ill-effect of exposure to radiation, fevers like malaria, typhoid, dengue, chikungunya, leptospirosis, conditions like hepatitis, pneumonia, asthma, herpes and various other acute skin infections, acutes caused by emotional setbacks/grieving circumstances such as death in family, shock from terror attacks/natural calamity, loss in business, etc. etc. and Epidemics such as cholera, plague, dengue, chikungunya, etc. etc. you can opt for these sweet pills with confidence. During, any such Acutes, holistic solution offered by the homeopathic treatment come as a first aid healing, a balm for the soul to feel calm, mind to relax and body to experience relief from pains and sufferings.

We wish you a happy healing during the phase of your Acute illness; we promise to serve you with our full potential and with your support we will work towards efficient and long lasting recovery of your holistic being with homeopathy.

Article by Drs. Dinesh and Urvi Chauhan

Compiled by Dr. Riddhi Joshi

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