Homoeopathy: A Designer’s Approach

“Always remember you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.

Having own unique potentiality of experience.
Something that has never been and never
Could have been experienced by anyone else.
Thus treating you as a unique entity and
Recognizing rather than simply admiring.”

Every individual on this earth is a unique energy created by god. He has come on earth only once and is never going to come back again. Each person exhibits his own set of thoughts, perceptions and reactions making him very individualistic and unique. He is a designer piece who is designed by Grand Designing Organiser that is GOD.

They are an entity by themselves displaying various characteristics at all levels that is physical in terms of looks, body structure, physical illness and mental in terms of not only mental illnesses but thoughts, feelings, emotions at conscious level and sensations, perceptions and reactions at a deeper level. This is law of individualization. This is the uniqueness which makes the person what he is. Each individual born in this planet is blessed with this precious existence which makes him totally, absolutely, irreplaceably one of its kind.

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