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¢Patient, S.D age 30 years had come to us with complaint of psoriasis all over his body. He had this complaint since childhood and patches were present all over his body especially on his legs and back area. Leg area was filled with small pustules. Being a businessman emotionally he used to be under lot of stress.  He never felt settled and had lot of doubts regarding his personal life and professional life.  Somewhere he was constantly unsatisfied with his routine and self.


Lot of itching all over the patches. Whole leg was full of pustules  with the feeling of needles pinching all over. Lot of heat generation because of those eruptions. The skin over his legs had thickened. Even his back, elbows and area behind his ears was filled with psoriatic patches. Occasional bleeding was seen because of scratching


Slowly, slowly over a period of 6 to 8 months his pustules on legs started reducing. Even the thickness had subsided. His sleep got better since his itching reduced. The redness came down and the bleeding was not there anymore. Though there are few patches left over his back and elbows but they have stopped spreading and are improving in terms of itching and the flaking


1)PHYSICALLY: His skin improved in thickness, pustules and itching.

2)PHYSICAL GENERALS: Sleep, appetite, energy also showed good improvement as he was able to sleep and rest better without itching. 3)EMOTIONALLY: He felt more balanced and was able to deal with his stresses better. There were no mood swings anymore.

4)AT WHOLISTIC STATE LEVEL: The constant pressure of never settled in career had reduced and he started being more confident and was satisfied with his work area. The whole feeling of lack of focus and always being in doubt, unstable had improved.  In every area of his life he felt tight and stuck, not able to progress, move ahead, slowly as he improved his whole outlook changed and he started moving freely and smoothly in every area of his life.

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