A Journey into the Human Core

Author: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan 
Published by:
Philosia Publication (Dr.Urvi Chauhan)
Pages: 119 
Type : Softbound


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This book is also available in the following languages

German Publisher:  Narayana Verlag

web site: www.narayana-publishers.com

Bulgarian Publisher: HomeoHelp Publishers 

web site: http://homeohelp.eu

About the BOOK

A real jewel and satisfaction behind a successful homoeopathic practice lies in providing a holistic (wholistic) healing to a diseased patient. A key for such practice lies in having a sound understanding upon What constitutes Whole in Health and in Disease, thus touching the root or core as we as homoeopaths always yearn for.
This book is all about understanding the “whole” human being step-by-step and reaching the deepest core. It provides guidelines in understanding what constitutes the Whole in Health thus making it easy to follow its deviated form in Disease. The scientific correlation of the idea with the various universal laws and the latest developments in physics described in this book is the real charm of the journey as it not only makes the entire ride a very interesting one for its reader but also gives a firm footage to the narrated ideas.
Benefits of such deeper understanding of human core in practice is seen as a long term deeper healing produced in a patient besides subjective relief at their mind, body levels; these are well demonstrated as documented cases at the end of the book.
This book is a reflection of his journey into the filed of homoeopathy so far understanding a human is concerned, a dive in the ocean himself, where Dinesh shares his learning experiences, it yearns to navigate those who wish to take a dive in the ocean of homoeopathy.


The book has been reviewed in various National as well as International Journals such as


      • “I still reference it frequently, and it stands on my shelves of highly used homeopathy books.(2017) “Lizzie Martinez (Austin, Texas)
      • “Both books are what homeopaths need right now — practical, how-to’s. “Barbara Lowry (USA)
      • “Dinesh´s art of case witnessing is like an Organon for the sensation method.” Ulrike Schroeder (Hamburg)
      • “Wow, it looks great. Love the cartoon character…” Rebecca Williams
      • “This book is full of joy and open secrets of the case witnessing. It is a new must for homeopath.” Masahiro Nagamatsu (Founder: School of homoeopathy, Tokyo, Japan)
      • “I have been thoroughly delighted by your book – and your Oomphoo comments! Thank you both so much for this little jewel. In some ways many of the things in it are not exactly new, but Dinesh has a way of laying bare the framework of an excellent consultation in such a way that it is clear and reproducible. Sometimes, at least in my experience, consultations just go so smoothly and miraculously, and the remedy just emerges of its own accord. But to do that consistently one must have clear guidelines, and your book provides exactly that.  Deborah Collins (Editor: Interhomeopathy online journal)
      • “Dear Dinesh, Urvi, and Oomphoo, 
      •  I am LOVING the new book. Just finished the second (Nat-sulph) case. It is extremely clear. Everything is laid out in such a lucid way….all the dots are connecting. It’s wonderful to have this book with me, reinforcing and building on the teaching you shared with us. Thank you!!
      • Oomphoo, thank you for your playfulness, your light-hearted critiques, your added perspectives. You give the book a more conversational, fun tone. I suppose that some homeopathy books can become a bit dry, and you are a good antidote to that problem!
      • Urvi, the book is also beautiful to hold and to behold! I love the brown cover, the imaginative hand/face/ear picture, the artistic lay-out and easy-to-follow flow charts and diagrams. It’s books like these that will slow civilization’s conversion to all-digital media. There’s something about holding a beautifully and artfully designed book in one’s hands that’s irreplaceable.” Doug Brown CCH, RSHom(NA), FNP, Portland, Oregon, USA 
      •  “No words to express the experience.  Really, thank you very much for writing such topics in your book- “Healing the Healer” and “A story of a Healer”… Dr. Ashish Mehta (Professor Bhavnagar Homeopathic Medical College) 
      • “This is very useful book and the technique given is very nice. The color of the book is very nice. The details and method of presentation is also different. Representation in way of flow chart is also nice.  Concept of OOMPHO is very different and good. the chapter” story of the healer ” is very nice really very much useful book”. Dr. Isha Thakkar (India)
      • “I especially like the language of the book and oompho too, it is very fresh, and very reader friendly the best part is that anecdotes and dohas in between and oompho make the book a little lighter to read otherwise for somebody reading the concepts for the first time it becomes heavy to digest….” Dr. Rina Dedhia (India)
      •  “book that I found very useful because it is a clear explanation of the method of how to achieve  this ability to reach the core of the patient. I am not still sure if I enjoyed more the explanations of Dinesh or the commentaries of Oomphoo. It was a wonderful idea to have the clarity of Oomphoo in this book.” Dr. Dairo Melo (Colombia)
      • “I am a 4th year student of homeopathy in Austin, Texas USA. Your new book, The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process, was required reading this year – as we are being trained in the Sensation Method.I just finished it – and loved it. It was so inspiring. It truly connected everything I love about homeopathy, everything that is awe-inspiring and miraculous – with a concrete methodology that one can follow, understand and duplicate. Amazing.”(2013) Lizzie Martinez (Austin, Texas)
      • “One of the master work in homeopathy i personally feel.. and many students liked this work ..it is at the basic level and with great clarity.. must read book”  Dr. Ranga Rajan (india)
      • “Hi Urvi, Just went through your website and stumbled upon “OOMPHOO!” Though I have not gone through Dinesh’s new book…I am absolutely in love with this character. I am absolutely delighted by your creative genius. I am so sure, introducing such comical figures in the arena of hardcore science will lighten the burden of readers to grasp deeper truths. Also, it will make the things very interactive. Superb idea! Brilliant…!!” Dr. Munjal Thakar (India)
      • “I don’t have enough and appropriate words to congratulate Dr Dinesh and Urvi Chauhan for their ground-breaking work in homeopathy by inventing Case Witnessing Process. I believe this is futuristic and holistic leap towards ‘the similimum’. Though science is slowly catching up to attest the magic of homeopathy, most homeopathic practitioners will agree with the view that zigzagging through partial similimums in a significant majority of our patients was calling for a real breakthrough in case taking phase. A process that confidently leads us to the unprejudiced essential picture of unique pathology without compromising with immutable principles of homeopathy. Case witnessing Process integrates every time honored best-practice of classical homeopathy. Of course, it is not for those who look for shortcuts and lovers of poly pharmacy.” Dr. Manoj Sachdeva


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