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‘My favorite place is to go where I have never been’

The level of comfort in doing or being with what we know is palpable to all of us in our lives.

We often live by from POINT A to POINT B that is in a fixed conditioned pattern, in a linear way.

The thought of the effort to adjust to something new seems repulsive in almost every situation of our life.

Lets us relate to your daily routine.

From the time you get up to reaching your workplace till the end of the day you almost have a set routinized pattern.

Whenever you are travelling to your workplace/office you take a particular route designed by you depending on the calculation of the time and path.

The travel and the traveller’s intention in the above case are fixed in a way.

We are so fine tuned to follow the known path that it penetrates us even to the subconscious level.

Has a thought ever come to you to take a DE ROUTE from your travel to workplace, in your daily routine, in your professional life, in your personal life etc.

It’s interesting what happens when it is taken…

Let me share my personal experiences here,

Out of my love for nature and walks, I am a frequent visitor of Bombay’s National Park.

This park has a sprawling forested area with many nature trails, ancient caves and a thriving animal life.

Every weekend, I make it a point to visit the same stretch of National park to unwind myself.

I would walk, jog, visit caves, relax and enjoy the serene forest area in my space.

I gradually started spontaneously taking different unknown routes inside the park- in a way a DE ROUTE.

I would walk inside trails which had no set path but which appealed to my being.

Trusting my inner instincts I would walk down the unknown different lanes each time to explore.

This way I discovered almost 20 tribal villages, which I would have never, comes across in my set path.

I even came across 12 different types of temples hidden inside the outer facet of the national park.

This encouraged me each time to go on a ZIG ZAG journey inside the Park, which is just spontaneous and not necessarily planned by me or known to me.

The de route of my unique paths made me encounter unique kinds of spiders and animals, which opened up my knowledge.

In my day-to-day routine also I apply the concept of taking Zig zag paths…

As I travel towards home with my assistant who is 1.5 km of road travel weekly I take a different route.

I use alternate roads and new lanes to reach my destination.

In this process, I get to view and experience various new structures, new people, new trees, new areas etc that I would have completely missed otherwise.

It makes me mentally alert and aware as I walk down the lanes exciting me every single week even though my destination remains the same.

This way even the so-called routine journey from your workplace to your home can be made engaging, exciting and exploratory to teach you and make you aware of something new every time.

Daily/weekly I will shift my right brain activity and take them spontaneously to what comes up. Even while writing in my book or during teaching I use this Zig-zag path.

One incident I remember, I was walking with my daughter on one trail in a small forest near Bombay and there was a sign, which read ‘Please stay on the trail’. My daughter, her friend and me were walking together and suddenly I saw they disappeared and when I questioned them, where were you both? They said we had gone off the beaten path. I was curious to know what their trail was like and when I went there we discovered a spider which was of a different kind- almost having a rainbow colour.

I learnt how kids are open to wandering off from their trails and can effortlessly discover new insects, new paths, something new.

In this way, the Zigzag way can be your mode of life and can be applied in almost everything… including your abstract right brain space.

You can spontaneously create different right brain activities each time when you are alone or in between your conscious activities.

You need not follow a pattern while doing right-brain activities or methods …the key will be to be a zig-zag.

That way my brain is not fixed or trained to see and perceive one-dimensional. But I can experience and learn from every different angle possible and discover something new in every aspect of my life.

The point A to Point B can be reached through point C (see) in your life opening up various possibilities.

Zig zag way creates new possibilities, new discoveries and doesn’t allow one’s brain to dominate and keeps us in tune with our right-sided creative brain all the time. It plays a major role to break the fixed pattern or fixed linear left-brain situations.

Have a zig-zag way to your holistic journey in your conscious space, in your Holiday Space, in your personal and professional space and discover its Magic!!!



Create a space every 15 days to a month to indulge in some personal letter writing. A method where you can pour your heart out in your personal space to you and for you.


 Every time address your letter to different topics to tap your inner stories from multiple aspects. A varied arena of subjects like

  • A Letter your inner imaginary wish list
  • A Letter to your diseased self
  • A Letter to the child within
  • A Letter to an imaginary friend
  • A Letter to a conflicting person of your life etc

can be jotted down to travel through your raw inner story and thus stay in touch with the original holistic picture.


Truth remains the truth when you keep it as it is. Same is the case when you are doing right brain diary writing- once you pour yourself try not to make any sense out of it or judge it or logically think about it or reason it…..

Just trust this space of the diary and keep maintaining

it every 3-4 months.

Once you have entered substantially over a few months, in the right brain diary just go through the whole flow of your expressions and answers in different activities you have done like a third observer.

If you see any pattern/ process/ common thread of expression coming mention it AS IT IS.

We wish you keep enjoying this ongoing journey of seeing your inner designer holistic pattern more and more clear and more and more complete thus making your grow within and without. 


Kindly OUTPOUR the whole spontaneous expression and experience after the above right brain method here in the FEEDBACKS box ….

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