As they say that the concept of holistic healing is not only understood in scientific books or in a clinic set up but its all around us.

In this section you will find ideas of holistic healing and living through photography, stories, movies and books, through various artworks which touched us (dr Dinesh Chauhan and swasthya team)  and by patients,  and people who believed in holistic healing.

Dinu’s diary- A treasured collection of Dr Dinesh giving you glimpses and learnings from his subjective inner world. Reflecting on things that touched him from varied parallel fields and life. 

Photosophy– In this section you will find unique pictures with their individual depth clicked by Dr Dinesh and his colleagues which speak about holistic healing or awareness or learning. Watch the latest ones and reuqest to add your unique photosophy 

Philogag In philogag you will find jokes, anecdotes, stories, when u lok beyond you will find the hidden integrative holistic truth…so enjoy!!

Story space-  Read our unique stories and share your unique stories. 

Art to heal- In this section showcase your agendaless art which you have made to just shift from the mundaneness to the joy of creativity. 

Movies and Books for you

Treasured library for you to sit back, view and reflect. 

We invite you to contribute to any of these sections. Your experiences through your diary notes, close to heart random spontaneous photographs,  individualistic stories, and your subjective artworks are welcomed and nurtured in various subsections of timeless wisdom.

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