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Experience of a right brain healing Workshop

Experience of one of the participant

Right brain healing Workshop Belgium

On the Postcard he wrote, “Please remove yourself and then go, I am fed up with you”, the drawing he drew was that of a knife and hammer hitting it”

Then he Narrates his story – 

“Once upon a time long long ago – it was a king who was unhappy because his citizens did not stop quarrelling every day. He had to assist to dozens of law suits they had with each other.. 

One day he gave it all up. I seem to be a worthless king he said. He left the capital crossed the border and went to unknown countries, in no time the story ran through the country that the king had vanished. 

Months passed by and the king heard what was going on in his country, he heard about the sadness of his people and how they lived peacefully together now. That is when he got what he wanted and went back to his palace. 

The people organized 7 days festivities to celebrate this event. The first day everything went well, everybody was happy. On 6th day 500 people came to the palace to complaint about the behaviour of the neighbour, the clients, the farmer or merchant, the 7th day the king stopped all the festivities.

He asked all the strong wise holy and smart people of his country to explain what happened. Why did you live in peace when I was not there and why do you start fighting as soon as I am back. 

And the wise man answered, “when you are not there we were sad and distressed, and bothered because no one could guide us, but now you are there, then we are comfortable and go back to our business as usual because you are there to solve any problem that might arise. 

From that day on the king solved quarrels and lawsuits, wrote books and had speeches about peace and understanding and the citizens had fights as if before. And the king was never unhappy again”

During the Forest Walk what struck him was the calm and quiet in the forest which he said “I always enjoy and I feel connected to the trees, as they are the witnesses, the witness, what happens they witness the birds, the crowds, old age, but they don’t have a striving to achieve a goal, they don’t know suffering either…

During The Non-Dominant Hand Drawing – after the drawing he said. Looking at it he said, “its craziness, investigation, joy, discovery, creativity, doing cartoon is creating and has beauty of the action and when I close the book I see almost the same thing which I was not aware about it”

Then he told about Another Personal Story, “A businessman who went to meet a guru, he travelled overseas, he went across marshes, he braved robbers, climbed mountains and fought with the wild animals to get to the ashram of the guru, at last, he stood in front of the guru and asked what is the higher purpose of my life?,  the guru asked what do you do for a living, the businessman answered “I am into business”, and the guru spoke you go home and you mind your business, that is the higher purpose of your life”

All the 4-5 abstract activities by our right brain driver lead to experiences and expressions of our unique self. Which when put together by our left brain navigator resulted in Awareness of the holistic self.  

While reading out all the experiences to his fellow participants it became clear to the participant that I have always been trying to put everything that I think about in life together, my job has to be realistic, I have to make a lot of money, it has to be social, no talk, environment, fun and everything, now I think that no it has to be balanced in my life, not necessarily in my job. My job is to make money, with the things I have written, you have to look for a balance with other parts and in those things, I don’t have to look for money. Something completely different and don’t try to make money out of it. Leaving the idea of having everything in my job, my job is something and I can balance it with something else outside my job.

Finally writing an inland letter to himself he wrote…

What it revealed, is to learn to embrace your shallow part, to start letting go of relentless efforts to combine ideas and profits, they don’t have to be combined but balanced, to give space to creativity and purposelessness, you have a long way to go, but don’t worry to reach the destination, make cartoons and things will become clear, enjoy it to reach the destination…

After this I spoke to him of what I understood from all this, I call it


Like in the story for the king when the situation is ideal he comes back then comes the realization that quarrelling as well as the ideal peace situation both needs to be balanced. And he says and I suggested he start making his cartoons his childhood natural activity, which will not be a part of his work, but to balance his life.

Beautiful isn’t it, just a small amount of time with yourself can give you deep insights into yourself, these activities help to directly touch you to the point of self-awareness, and help you look at the attitude of your life, I will leave you with this quote from my master, and urge you to spend time with yourself with these activities, or design some on your own…

“I will give you a boat to cross the river but you must leave it on the other side and continue on”