Graduated with B.H.M.S in the year 2010 from Smt, C.M.P Homeopathic Medical College.

She has been associated with Drs Chauhan at Swasthya Homeopathic Healing for the last 10 years. She embraces roles as Senior Consultant, Project Head, Coordinator, Books and articles compiler and Lecturer.

  • As a Senior most consultantNationally and Internationally, she consults various Retake cases and deep pathological cases. Her strength lies in dealing with cases from both childhoods of life -the first pediatric age childhood and second childhood we call- the wisdom geriatric age group.
  • She heads the International patient clinic @ Swasthya.
  • She is instrumental in compiling Swasthya Child centric web diary for pediatricpatients , a concept by Dr Dinesh Chauhan and is a Paediatric diary consultant for patients at Swasthya homeopathic healing


  • Riddhi is also Associated with ABJF, a non-profit charitable trust started with Drs.Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan, which conducts lectures for Homoeopathic students free and is a senior consultant for the trust too.
  • She is the Co -Ordinator for all Online Advance courses and Clinical courses, Laymen webinars, seminars of Drs Chauhan since last 8 years
  • She heads A special unique project like-‘YOUR CASE OUR GUIDE’ Where she gives Online Expert advises on failure cases of homeopaths from various countries. She has conducted case discussions with participants from various countries Bulgaria, Usa, Germany, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Israel…
  • She is in the core team for projects like
  • The plants key website- plantskey.com
  • The case witnessing website-casewitnessing.com
  • Part of the research study groups- Materia Medica Prima and Higher Order Plant Study groups under mentorship of Dr Dinesh Chauhan
  • INDIAN AND INTERNATIONAL TATTVAM STUDY GROUP– under which monthly discussions of groups of Homoeopathic doctors from all over India and International countries are held to exchange and share cases and various other aspects of homeopathy for deeper and better growth of holistic homoeopathy.
  • Swasthya Clinic customised software development.
  • She has compiled BOOKS-‘From Treating to transforming: Choose homoeopathy and the upcoming book- ‘The Holistic Car’
  • Her Cases have been published in esteemed journals like Hpathy and Interhomoeopathy.
  • She has been a prover for Homoeopathic provings conducted.

 As a Lecturer 

She has lectured for 

  • Clinical course Students conducted inhouse at Swasthya clinic from many countries like Germany, Portugal, France, Brazil, South Africa etc
  • Live ABJF Workshop 2013,2014she lectured for various Indian Homeopaths from multiple states
  • CWP Basic SERIESGujarat-Goa 2017,
  • CWP Basic National series2020, 2022
  • Gujarat- Goa Kingdomwebinar series 2018
  • Case Practise Series (based on case witnessing process steps) July 2022

 She has lectured for LIVE SEMINARS

  • M.Sheikh Belgaum Homeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, India
  • Manitham homoepathic healing centre at Tamil nadu, India, August 2017,
  • Sivaraj Homoeopathic medical college in Salem, Tamil nadu, India in 2017,
  • Kerala national seminar 2017
  • AIHSAYA(All India Homoeopathic Student and Youth Association) webinar on the Case Witnessing Process, March 2022.