The Concept of Holistic Healing at SWASTHYA

What we do in homeopathic interview with homeopaths, super specialist and modern medicine Doctors?

Whole Process Of Patient Centric Homeopathic Interview is to bring Out Tailor Made Design & Tailor Made Designer Remedy in so called Difficult Cases Like Homoeopath, Modern Medicine Drs & Super Modern Medicine Specialist.

Advice given to a laproscopic surgeon!

THE FOLLOWING BULLET POINTS WILL BE COVERED. 1. How ‘’tailor-made advice’’ is given in a unique way- in a language which they understand after understanding the ‘’Tailor-Made design’’ of an individual at Swasthya? 2. How patient-centric advice is given keeping their profession in the centre? Thus in the Above video after a tailor-made Homoeopathic interview according to the patient’s tailor-made design an advice is given on how in her professional life of being a Laparoscopic surgeon she can use this unique individualistic design to help her patient and profession! And when you glance at your grand design and not the part, your advice will also come from the holistic perspective!

Dr Chauhan explains through an example that our life is like a pendulum. How equal and opposite movement of the pendulum is health and inappropriate movement of the pendulum is diseased disturbed energy How through this pendulum example helps to balance our day-to-day Personal, Professional, Spiritual alone space by balancing two sides of us by, @Balancing Mental and Physical Activity @Balancing Intellect and Emotional Activity @Balancing Personal and Professional Activity @Balancing Common and Artistic Activity We hope you enjoy this Video and that it helps u to balance two sides of yourself at the day to day level! We look forward to your feedback here,… For more such conceptual videos click on…

A Homoeopathic Interview Concept!

An interesting conversation strikes in between a curious patient and Dr Dinesh post the Homoeopathic interview.
In this video Dr Dinesh explains the Fundamental Concept, Scientific Steps and Benefits of a homeopathic case interview- The biggest being surfacing your tailor-made (designer) holistic pattern/state of your being.

Giving back the Holistic pattern

In this video, a detailed conceptual journey of the case witnessing steps is explained to the patient during the case taking session. Along with the whole illustrative case the cherry on the cake is GIVING BACK THE WHOLE step by dr Dinesh. 


A conceptual video of Child centric case witnessing process @ Swasthya

This video is about
1.What we do in homoeopathic interview with children?
2. How we bring out the unique design of the child ?
3. Child centric advice and suggestion

Case of a Brain Tumor with Metastasis in a Non verbal child

This video highlights the importance of the Integrative and inclusive approach of Allopathy and homoeopathy both together at required stages of such deep incurable illnesses like Cancer.

The detailed Concept and the boon of Homoeopathic Management in a child with ADHD

Here in this video a detailed concept of how we can understand ADHD from a different perspective, to deal with it in a much deeper and transformative way is explained.



Watch this video for boy with all tale a tail for autism , diagnosed by 2 autistic pediatric experts , how with tailor made child centric approach at SWASTHYA helped him gradually to develop eye contact , speech , appropriate emotions, needs, within 13 months child sate at a consulting room all by himself and expressed common as well as difficult questions with ease. When it came to send him school we could sent him to normal schools where 3 school consolers checked him before giving admission and he got the admission. Now 1 yrs down the line he is the teenager living perfectly normal life perusing perfectly normal education with his interest and hobbies along with it .

British boy with ADHD syndrome and long term shift with designer approach, medicine and advices

Intense , hectic restless energy converted into constructive activity, where his concentration in stud the way he connect with people , focus in personal professional place shifted.
How his hectic, restless, and intense energy got channelized from destructive to constructive energy. perusing higher education with clear future goal

The Concept of Homeopathic case taking @ Swasthya in Non verbal cases like Cerebral Palsy

This video highlights the Child centric designer approach of case taking and management in Non verbal cases (Cases in pre verbal age [0-3 years and in pathological non verbal cases like – Cerebal palsy, Autism, Aspergers syndrome etc



A case of Multiple Sclerosis treated with Homoeopathy!

Various interesting aspects like 1) What changes happened with a homoeopathic remedy in deep pathological cases like Multiple sclerosis 2) How and when to stop treatment in such cases? 3) How disease can become your gift? 

A treated Case of SLE WITH LUPUS NEPHRITIS and artistic ways of exploring illness during Interview

Case taking approach at Swasthya is PATIENT CENTRIC…thus making it a flexible inclusive approach for patients of all types, ages, pathologies and barriers. 


Testimonial of a Case Guided with Right Brain Approach in Homeopathy

A case to demonstrate the concept of Right Brain Approach in Homoeopathy Use of unique designer diary after case taking, during follow up And unique right brain guided method to keep them healthy after the treatment.

A heartfelt Healing experience @Swasthya

One of the patient who wanted fast and quick relief but none of the meds helped , thus settled finally for homoeopathy and saw marvellous results at mental as well as physical level; her belief and idea about homeopathy changed.

Case of Autism and the journey of improvement through parents words and patient himself !!

Complete narrative of parents and child during the process of improvement and after improvement!

Testimonials Straight from Heart!

'Coming Back To My Creative Old Self'
I am almost 90% BETTER now. From being on heavy antacids maybe 3-4 a day and having severe anxiety attacks........
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The Holistic Healing in Skin complaints


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