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A photo where you can learn, share and transform.

A photograph is a framed reflection of what the individual’s eye sees, conceives, perceives, understands and is touched by, from the large canvas of life lying in front of him.

Photography and Holistic Healing appear to be the two sides of the same coin; while taking a picture with the camera. The photographer first walks in the open space, see what touches his eyes, then one focuses on the scene, zoom in and lock the frame to be clicked and take a shot. This is nothing but the steps while understanding the individual, like in case taking giving an unconditional space, find an anchor/focus, and then click on the centre as in Active-active. Doesn’t the photo teach us the concept of homoeopathy, holistic healing, awareness and also about ourselves?

In photosophy you will find unique pictures with their individual depth clicked by Dr. Chauhan and his colleagues which speak about holistic healing, or awareness or learning.

Watch the latest photosophies, and request to add your unique photosophy.