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When Arjuna meets Navagunjara- Dr Dinesh narrates the story to us

A story from the mythological Hindu epic Mahabharata when Arjuna (the great Archer) meets a different looking Human-Animal Navagunjara. Through this story, Dr Dinesh explains what makes us reject what is unknown to us and expresses vitality to overcome this and embrace the new and whole, to stay open for multidimensional approach for the clinical success and rich journey.

When someone tells you stories from different situations of his life, stories from mythology, history, from his past, imaginary stories, all these connect to his inner centre. A constant experience, feeling, perception in different stortes can be seen running throughout. While speaking about these stories, the person is actually reliving the experience, and becomes aware of one’s own unique centre, he becomes aware of his own unique story, through these stories he sees his own designer self. Your simple story defines your journey, come make a story, your original unedited story which will take you closer to your individualistic holistic patter. Will be healing for not only you but to those who read it as well. Can be written by you, you as anonymous, or as your adopted pen name.

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