Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Insightful and passionate about homoeopathy, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan is one of the most influential figures in today’s homoeopathic world. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan practices classical Homoeopathy in Mumbai, India since last 16 years. He is well received by his patients as a caring homoeopath, and a dedicated teacher to students all over the globe.

On 7th May 2014, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan was honored with the prestigious – ‘Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman 2014’at the Global Achievers conclave 2014. It is an award constituted by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India in conjunction with the NRI Welfare Society of India, to honor exceptional and meritorious contribution globally.

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan – as an introducer of path breaking concepts in homoeopathy and taking teaching to a different level with his uniqueness

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s pioneer concept of patient-centric Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process – a uniquely designed 3 step case taking method, his Integrative Holistic approach in remedy reading, remedy understanding; in giving similimum centric advice to his patients in life for hobby, art, profession; the unique concept of patient centric designer diary; and the Right Brain Approach in Homoeopathy have brought a paradigm shift in the Homoeopathic World.

His biggest asset is his capacity to take participants with him step by step through the journey and encouraging them to open up and to be able to create an opportunistic environment to set up a dialog, making the field a mutually creative one. He has the ability to make theory come alive through examples from various fields of life, mythology, physics, through various sciences, jokes, quotes, stories, connecting it to homeopathic philosophy, bringing an amalgamation in a way as to establish the universality of homoeopathy.

The essence of his work reflects in the concept of an integrative inclusive holistic approach in homeopathy. This integrative inclusive holistic approach he beautiful uses not only in homeopathy, in case taking, but also in follows ups, in healing, in in life, in profession, in art. He does this using the three basic cardinal principles of homeopathy and beautifully explains how the similimum field guides you through all the aspects in one’s life.

He uses this multidimensional approach not only in case taking, but in materia medica, repertory, so also in provings. This has brought many to look at these aspects in homeopathy from a different perspective rather than making it a fixed two dimensional approach.

His unique way of creating similimum field in case taking to make patient aware of their whole center, remedy in systematic way is worth watching…

New revolutionary concepts

Right Brain Approach

His recent revolutionary work has been to connect right brain artistic integrative approach with systematic logical left brain approach, making patient understanding through the right brain approaches more and more deep and centered.

Integrative holistic approach in plant kingdom

His latest developmental work of utilizing the integrative holistic understanding of a remedy, family, higher order, deriving that from proving, material medica, repertory, from nature and themes; finding a master key of each remedy has been appreciated by the students and masters of homeopathy all across the world.

Unique Designer’s Healing Workshop

Bringing the similimum principle outside of the consulting room and into an individual’s day to day life; Dr. Dinesh has transformed many a lives with his unique designer’s healing workshop. Every year he sets out for walks and treks for a specially invited close group of homeopaths and for lay people in nature, where they spend 6-7 days. The workshop is designed in such a way as to uniquely arrive to each individual’s holistic expression through walking, through spontaneous right brain activity, through interest and hobbies, through internal witnessing, and diary writing, giving each one a chance for intense retrospection and self-healing.





All his work, towards spreading homeopathic awareness for laypeople can be further availed at this website.

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