An ONLINE COURSE 2023 – Exclusively by Dr Dinesh Chauhan
“The Right Way Of Using The Right Brain Approach”

The right way of using the right brain approach

– In Case taking, in Remedy Understanding, In helping ur pt along with remedy to balance their and your own life
– The Whole Concept and a journey further with Completely new methods and cases – based on his Newly Released Book-’The Right brain Approach In Homoeopathy



  1. The right way of using the right brain approach IN YOUR NORMAL CASE TAKING JOURNEY
    WHEN, WHERE, WHICH STAGE TO ASK, WHAT TO ASK, HOW TO ASK IN YOUR NORMAL CASE-TAKING JOURNEY. Especially When you are stuck in the case, when you fail in the case and in the reassessment of the case.
    2)  The right way of using the right brain approach IN DIFFERENT CASE TYPES
    In acute Case taking, in chronic cases, In One sided cases, deep irreversible pathologies and exploring chief complaint
    3) The right way of using the right brain approach IN DIFFICULT STUCK CASES
    Especially in homoeopaths, psychologists, patients with one-sided factual talks, hard-core left-sided businessmen, teenagers, people with strong belief systems, geriatric group, etc- people who are stuck and dominated with left learned logical brain, those who are stuck in day to day situations in personal professional space
    4) The right way of using the right brain approach in PATIENTS WITH LOW LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE
    Cases stuck at a low level of experience, people who are stuck at common symptoms, people coming from low socio-economical background with simple language and ppl of different backgrounds and villages
    5) FOCUS OF THIS WORKSHOP WILL BE GUIDED RIGHT BRAIN METHODS                         Exploring the Dark Space and some more New Methods for further along journey for those who have gone through Dr Dinesh’s Book (The Right Brain Approach in Homoeopathy) Like –
    a) Becoming Method
    b) Two Extreme Method
    c) Imaginary friend Method
    d) Rapid Writing Method
    Thus guiding patient with extraordinary questions especially when they are stuck in ordinary set up (low level of experience cases and PAUCITY OF SYMPTOMS)
    6) Exciting NEW ILLUSTRATIVE CASES From the Clinical desk of Dr Dinesh (Not a part of his Book index)
    7) DIY (Do it yourself)- A CONCEPT, A GIFT FOR YOUR OWN SELF
    a) How to find ur own DIY method based on your individualistic pattern
    b)How to do it in your day-to-day PROFESSIONAL , PERSONAL SPACE daily, weekly and monthly.
    c) How to make YOUR INDIVIDUAL CENTRIC DESIGNER DIARY with YOUR CENTRIC NATURAL AND GUIDED METHODS to find your holistic pattern, to stay with your holistic pattern and use this pattern to heal your patients

Dr Dinesh inviting and sharing what he will be doing in the webinar’ ‘The right way of using the right brain approach’









You will need:

  1. Headset with a microphone with quality earphones
  2. Computer with a stable Internet connection.
  3. A downloaded Zoom Application with an Account

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The fact that I listen to your course and want to listen to more of your course, is special to me. Because it holds the two extremes together. So I like and recommend it to students.” Jeremy Sherr

“It was a very interesting lecture and I learned for the first time how you extract the sensation.” Michal Yakir

“Absolutely impressive! But what a task you have set yourself [and your team]” Frans Vermeulen

“For all students and practitioners of homeopathy, when a teacher as calm, focused, gentle, highly accomplished and sharp as Dr. Dinesh Chauhan comes along to teach, learning becomes a joyful experience. ” Vatsala Sperling

A Big THANK YOU for the enormous work you are doing! I am looking forward to the next course.”  Plamena Karaivanova

“You are taking on a job of synthesizing our plant MM so that homeopaths – and anyone looking to the natural world for healing – can orientate ourselves and find something useful to chew on and consider a bigger and bigger totality. That intention is noble and you bring to it a unique sensibility and sensitivity. You may not get it right each time but you’re showing that we can do it and how to do it. Maybe it will take a few iterations by many people thinking together to get it right. But the inspiration is spot on.  The details can be worked on over time. Jeremy is a genius at synthesis, maybe even a shamanic homeopath in the way ideas come to him and he works on one remedy at a time, one grouping at a time, each step taking years. You’re doing this in months. As I see it a part of the webinar is to share the enthusiasm of seeing how the little details of rubrics, the sensations, the whole of plant evolution, nature, myth and come together and connect in a web of embodied consciousness that resonates. And heal. Standing Ovation!!! Liliales session was a Tour de force. Very grateful to you” Jiuan heng, USA

 “I loved it, helped me with some understanding and perspectives on remedies. I loved to see your passion and enthusiasm. I really appreciate what all of you guys, You, Urvi, Riddhi, Zak did for all of us to learn and grow more. Sending you all much love.” Gordana, Croatia 

“The course is very clear, well structured … I learned a lot. And the not too fast pace allows you to integrate knowledge and feelings as you go without stress, it’s nice. Thank you! ” Dr Philippe Dutruy, Switzerland

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