AN ONLINE COURSE 2024-Exclusively by Dr Dinesh Chauhan


The Case Witnessing: In Difficult Conditions/Cases

Simple Scientific Reproducible Case Witnessing: In DIFFICULT conditions, cases

(Based on a forthcoming book)


Learn Detailed Case Taking Modules, New guided methods, Latest Clinical Cases,  Tailor Made Diaries, Follow up criterias,  Scientific Understanding of Posology and much more in power-packed 6 sessions!!!


The Topics Which will be covered in the Course are:

In-depth step-by-step Case-taking Comprehensive Module IN….

         1. Psychiatric conditions of different varieties

    • Acute Psychiatric diseases
    • Chronic Psychiatric disorders (Like bipolar disorders, Depression, Schizophrenia etc)
    • Emotional level cases where patient are in touch with strong emotional situations and stuck with common emotions making them difficult to go deeper in the journey of the case taking , towards their central holistic state and thus similimum.
    •     2. Deep Pathological and Chronic type of cases with FOCUS ON…Autoimmune disorders and Cancer Disease
    • Case Taking module specially designed for Auto Immune disorders and conditions thus helping to navigate more effortlessly to the central state and holistic centre in patients
    • Case Taking Module in Cancer Cases: Understanding “Two States” and “Present Predominant state” concepts in understanding Cancer cases that help to get successful results in such demanding cases. (A FRESH CONCEPT based upon scientific laws)
    • Posology: NEW APPROACH of prescribing in autoimmune and cancer cases. Clear & Scientific understanding of when to use high, low, LM potencies in such cases.
    • Understand long term Follow up criteria in  autoimmune and cancer cases and how to have an integrated approach with the parallel treatments.
    • 3. Coma and Organ transplant Cases:
    • Specific module for difficult cases like Coma where the patient is completely Non verbal- What areas and points to focus on and how to bring out the Totality on surface using guided questionnaire
    • The Concept, Case taking Module and  Journey after the remedy in Organ Transplant cases.
    • 4. ONE-SIDED Disease
    • Cases which are stuck in illness (Diagnosis), situations, belief systems etc
    • In Patients with Low levels of Experience
    • 5. TAKE 2: Reassessment Module
    • What to ask especially when the same homoepath is taking a reassessment of same patient second time.
    • Which areas to focus on during the reassessment to go beyond the previous understanding and go a step further towards the central holistic state of the individual and thus get the accurate totality.
    • How to MAKE TOTALITY when cases are reassessed …What to consider from the first and second totality in order to filter the real holistic data of the patient
    • 6. Scientific Module of Posology
    • Integrative holistic module of posology – Deriving the Concept of Posology in tune with the Holistic Principle of Homeopathy, Level of Experience/Peculiarities and Universal law which both Classical and Modern classical Homeopaths can identify with.
    • HOW TO USE, 30-MM, MQ-12c and LM1-12 with principles of homoeopathy in various above conditions.
    • How to repeat… How much to repeat (Again based on the Holistic Principle and not only on pathology)
    • When to give Two Posologies of the same remedy to a patient and how with examples of cases from practice.
    • Posology Chart: Systematic Concise chart of all posology groups in above conditions.
  • Case illustrations to demonstrate the concept, the step-by-step questionnaire, understanding of the similimum, systematic posology criteria for such cases and follow-up criteria
  • Some Artistic and unique questions and methods which are designed specifically for above cases symptoms thus helping to catalyse the natural spontaneous pqrs on surface and thus  the  central holistic state
  • NEW CONCEPT: Introduction to a Unique Designer Diary which can complement the healing journey.

An Overview on teaching flow by Dr Dinesh on case taking in difficult conditions and cases !


6 Webinar Series – 2 hrs each session


8-9-10 March 2024 (Fri- Sun)

15-16-17 March 2024 (Fri- Sun) 







You will Need:

1. Headset with a microphone with quality earphones
2. Computer with a stable Internet connection.
3. A downloaded Zoom Application with an Account

Registered Participants kindly WhatsApp group for Live Updates!!

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