In this playlist you will get familiar with Holistic healing @ Swasthya through various conceptual videos and varied exchanges between dr dinesh and patients in the consulting chambers of Dr Dinesh and Swasthya team!

What we do in homeopathic interview with homeopaths, super specialist and modern medicine Doctors?

Advice given to a laproscopic surgeon!

THE FOLLOWING BULLET POINTS WILL BE COVERED. 1. How ‘’tailor-made advice’’ is given in a unique way- in a language which they understand after understanding the ‘’Tailor-Made design’’ of an individual at Swasthya? 2. How patient-centric advice is given keeping their profession in the centre? Thus in the Above video after a tailor-made Homoeopathic interview according to the patient’s tailor-made design an advice is given on how in her professional life of being a Laparoscopic surgeon she can use this unique individualistic design to help her patient and profession! And when you glance at your grand design and not the part, your advice will also come from the holistic perspective!

Dr Chauhan explains through an example that our life is like a pendulum. How equal and opposite movement of the pendulum is health and inappropriate movement of the pendulum is diseased disturbed energy How through this pendulum example helps to balance our day-to-day Personal, Professional, Spiritual alone space by balancing two sides of us by, @Balancing Mental and Physical Activity @Balancing Intellect and Emotional Activity @Balancing Personal and Professional Activity @Balancing Common and Artistic Activity We hope you enjoy this Video and that it helps u to balance two sides of yourself at the day to day level! We look forward to your feedback here,… For more such conceptual videos click on…

This video is about

1.What we do in homoeopathic interview with children?

2. How we bring out the unique design of the child ?

3. Child centric advice and suggestion

A Homoeopathic Interview Concept