The mandatory first 2 hours one on one consultation with Dr Chauhan is unnerving.

He’s quietly insidious, patient, probing.  

But once he gets you talking about yourself, the uninterrupted one begins to understand the method in the madness.

Dr Chauhan isn’t interested in your symptoms or your ailments. No way. What he’s after is your mind, your personality, your being.  
Once he’s cracked, he probes deeper and deeper over a few hours; he isn’t in any rush, he’s scanning you and corroborating your personality with the materia medica of homoeopathy perhaps.  He probes deeper by merely listening, he’s good at that.

He gets a sense of your being.
Arduous as it sounds, he’s relentlessly patient. He must know you, before he decides on a single remedy; a designer constitutional pill so perfect that it covers your entire being.

The one on one with DR Chauhan is imperative and critical and truly unique.
The more honest you are to this inquisition the closer you are to your remedy and permanent cure.  

Dr. Chauhan is a patient healer, he’s your friend, your counsellor, your medicine man.  
He will alleviate your pain and set you on the path of complete healing.
He’s one of a kind.  

I love him.
– The Director