Last month I met a friend after many years, and her first reaction to seeing me was, “you have become a lion from a puppy”.  That was the best compliment I had received in a long time, and it made me introspect as to what triggered this wonderful and much-needed change in me.

When I started treatment with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan in April 2018, at 48, I was in a terrible state mentally, physically, and emotionally. My pre-menopause had started and with frequent UTIs, and heavy bleeding due to multiple fibroids, the body was playing havoc. Doctors in Chennai advised immediate hysterectomy, including my local homeopath at that time. I was not mentally prepared to undergo the surgery despite family pressure. A friend suggested that I try Dr.Chauhan’s treatment for 6 months and if no relief, then go ahead with the surgery.

Staying in Chennai, I was consulting a Dr. in Mumbai over a phone call who sent medicines through a courier without physically meeting the patient. This was much ridiculed and scoffed at by family, but I was adamant and desperate to avoid surgery at any cost plus I have had full faith in homeopathy since childhood.

Our first call went on for 2-3 hours and I was perplexed as the questions Dr asked me had nothing to do with my medical state but were things that even I had never asked myself before. His holistic approach brought many new insights and talking to him opened a lot of untouched yet raw wounds. I felt heard and understood by a complete stranger who gave me hope and new confidence in myself.

He asked me to note down my dreams and feelings and report them to him in our next consult a month later. I started taking the medicine and looked forward to our next chat. There was a slow shift inside and I observed myself feeling happier and more positive. My family was sure I was on steroids but I ignored them and continued.

Gradually, my body and mind started improving, and six months later tests showed a slight shrinkage in the fibroids as well. I showed the reports to my gynaecologist and she asked me to continue whatever treatment I was taking. It has been 4 years now, and there has been only improvement in every way, physical, mental, and emotional.

Dr. Chauhan’s unique approach and way of treatment are unlike any other doctor I have ever met. He encourages introspection and retrospection so subtly and guides you in self-discovery without you even realizing it. At the end of it, you find the you that you have lost along life’s journey and arrive at a place of peace, harmony, and belonging.

Charu Khemka, Chennai