The  whole case taking interview for me 
was a very detailed information taking process which helped in introspection and awareness of how I perceive my past childhood and later life experiences. It helped me to see how I see things.
And  the follow ups were on a regular monthly basis for me. They used to be of short duration, very specific, to the point discussion. I would share experiences which had touched me during the month. This helped the doctor thereby to address my anxiety and fears. I too became aware of the situations that had affected me and seeked help from my internal frame to deal with them. At times, sharing of dreams took place which was interesting as the doctor would ask probing questions which would set me to think and reflect.The regular follow ups helped in seeing changes in myself. My perceptions of situations would change. I felt more at peace with my situations, more confident, present oriented and positive in facing them. I realised the medicines were helping me to face my challenges as the situation would no longer be bothersome to call for attention in the next visit. It would all be resolved once poured out in the follow up session. I felt more happy, positive and peaceful during the entire time of treatment.

On the whole physical health was also stabilized. Physical health issues of stomach and digestion problems were treated well. I had a terrible eczema issue for which the doctor persisted that I continue homeopathy and results would come by. It took time and I am glad I continued homeopathy and eventually the problem did get resolved.

To Complement my healing process I do remember the doctor having few tips like engaging in doing some fun activity daily, thinking creative ideas and doing different creative things, writing a diary. Doctor once said to go and sit at Marine Drive alone and see what comes up. I did so and felt great that I could do it and able to face the anxiety.

Ms N L