Holistic healing and quality of life.
About a decade back I suffered from frequent occurrences of urinary infection.In 2009 infection had spread to my kidneys which required extended hospitalization.
 My nephrologist is an outstanding professional and one who is
indeed an acknowledged expert in his field. Soon I was well but after three
years, I again got the infection and took medicines prescribed by him. After 2-3 years of frequent instances of the urinary infection I was told that I would have to take antibiotics for a long time of 6 months.I was worried and none in my family wanted me to take the antibiotic for six months. My wife, being a medico, told me to look for alternative therapies. My daughter in US told me about Dr Dinesh Chauhan, a homeopath in Vile Parle, right behind my workplace, NMIMS. I was sceptic and told her so but she and my wife insisted I try. And that’s how my learning and experience with homeopathy began. 
But when I met Dr Dinesh Chauhan I was intrigued. He sat in his chamber with another junior doctor and a video camera. After understanding my problem, he told me that he would video-record me and wanted to know more about me. So, I told him all that appears in my CV but he was not satisfied. He asked me about “means an individual”, my beliefs, early childhood, my family, and what each did , my relationships with them, my concerns, fears, dreams etc. For almost 2 hours, I was with him. He listened to me without interruption. I was telling him in those two hours my feelings, my beliefs and values, influencers and role models in my life and what I admired in them. So here I was like a patient on the surgeon’s table who had not only opened my body but also my mind, intellect and my relationship with the universe. I was afraid. Have I done the right thing opening before a stranger? There were many things which I had never spoken about in my life—instances that I had forgotten and how I felt or their impact on me. 
After my story, he told me to wait for medicine. I wondered how would he treat me. He only saw my reports, heard me on my problem and thereafter it was nothing to do with my problem for which I had gone to him. I asked him and he said he does not treat a problem symptomatically or in a narrow manner but in a holistic manner as all body functions, and mind are interrelated. Human emotions and sentiments or human psyche have a bearing on physical health of the individual. I started the treatment with him as a sceptic but over the years became a convert to the Holistic way of healing individuals. I took the medicines given by him for almost 6 months. 
Today is a day when I do not have any recurrence of urinary infection.

As a professor my curiosity took me to understand this therapy, which I
realized was called holistic psychotherapy– an integrative type of therapy that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help the individual as a whole. And that is what Dr. Dinesh Chauhan was doing. From a sceptic I became a cooperative patient who had belief in him. I saw him a  dream therapist but no he went beyond. 
I went ahead with him over the six months where I felt more at peace, happy and better. Urinary infection episodes also became less frequent and today I have no instances of this infection. All my reports confirmed it. Today I consult him for many other problems including prostrate and every time I feel better.
Today I strongly believe in this holistic psychotherapy—holistic way of healing
as that is the way world can get rid of its physiological problems and also make
individuals happy and more at peace with themselves and the universe.This Whole treatment made me made change in my personal, and professional life and gradually all these areas became my gift.
Dr R S
Former VC of Esteemed Mumbai University Former Director IIT Indore