I am truly blessed to have Swasthya as our health caretakers who at all given times have helped me and my family too feel physically, emotionally good  and well holistically.  Homoeopathy is a Journey and it needed a lot of patience from my side as well as trust. The trust in Dr.Chauhan and his team group During an ACUTE EPISODE of my daughter with high fever – she was only on homoeopathy without any other support as in a Crocin or anything else and she was eating in spite of heavy weakness and high fever. I was happy to see her energy levels and the doctors were in continuous touch with me to keep a check on her. 
 The smallest development and growth noticed and taken care of made me more cautious as a parent and at the same time also made me believe thats when My Own Journey started. I realised  I must also start having homoeopathy medicines rather than Allopathy for acidity and developing my immunity levels. And to my surprise, where I would take Digene liquid every other day, I just stopped taking it after I started homeopathy. He would tell me and assured me always that I was on the right track and always asked me to work on my artistic skills.
My younger son has always been on homoeopathy ever since he was five months old so he does not know what allopathy Medicine is just because of Swasthya.   We give a big thanks to them. With children as well he will always understand them in a space coming down to their age and understanding them, their art and their interests. They comfort the child emotionally and guide them in taking effective steps in their life, not just helping physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
During Covid times Dr.Chauhan took perfect care of me and my family especially during the first wave where he looked into the smallest shift in our temperatures, behaviour, and symptoms and immediately set with us to resolve it. My husband’s BP rose really high and as usual first he took the help of allopathic medicines but was uncomfortable. I insisted him to speak to Dr.Chauhan. He spoke to him and after that there was no looking back. Today after eight months of medication I can proudly say that he is off every medicine be it homoeopathy or allopathy. 

I’m truly grateful to Dr.Chauhan and Team Swasthya for helping us grow holistically and in every way. 

Mrs S.A Mumbai