I am almost 90% BETTER now.

From being on heavy antacids maybe 3-4 a day and having severe anxiety attacks, post-traumatic depression and weeping I was feeling crippled but now my physical and mental health both have responded.

The Acidity is much much better

Even mentally the anxiety is fine and not there. The overthinking and racing of mind with 100 thoughts which was the byproduct of the depression and trauma has shifted to a great extent and now I am able to relax and go into public life thus reducing my social anxiety and increasing the interaction. 

The depression has left me and my mind is calm and less stressful

Due to this, I React appropriately like a normal person and not from that crazy sensitive space.

The Trauma of my personal space is remarkably better and now I don’t see myself bursting into tears rather the good memories are retained making me think and smile

The grief, sadness, and anger from trauma have converted to acceptance

My Subconscious dreams are more about travelling, enjoyment, being with my people and giving me a refreshing feeling in the morning when I wake up.

I don’t get those repetitive heavy, panicky dreams now which used to be heavy on my sleep and made me feel unrested. 

NOW I FEEL A LOT MYSELF AGAIN – I am energetic, creative in my work and coming up with original ideas.

I have started playing the sport tennis, and have the energy to go to the gym

So feel like my old healthy self and everything is coming back to normalcy 

Which is making me feel positive in life.


It’s like getting all out of the system

I am very much able to function like a normal person 

I have a lot of serotonin in my body now coming back.

There is a natural burst of happiness without any reason 

I am gratefully happy since creative channels have opened 







I have to thank you and I am so glad you are doing this work

There is so much need for such mental and holistic health in the society 

There are a lot of people suffering and there are these natural designer remedies available for them to take care of every level of being and bring true health back.

-Journey of an Actor with PTSD

The Holistic Caretaker!

I am truly blessed to have Swasthya as our health caretakers who at all given times have helped me and my family too feel physically, emotionally good  and well holistically.  Homoeopathy is a Journey and it needed a lot of patience from my side as well as trust. The trust in Dr.Chauhan and his team group During an ACUTE EPISODE of my daughter with high fever – she was only on homoeopathy without any other support as in a Crocin or anything else and she was eating in spite of heavy weakness and high fever. I was happy to see her energy levels and the doctors were in continuous touch with me to keep a check on her. 
 The smallest development and growth noticed and taken care of made me more cautious as a parent and at the same time also made me believe thats when My Own Journey started. I realised  I must also start having homoeopathy medicines rather than Allopathy for acidity and developing my immunity levels. And to my surprise, where I would take Digene liquid every other day, I just stopped taking it after I started homeopathy. He would tell me and assured me always that I was on the right track and always asked me to work on my artistic skills.
My younger son has always been on homoeopathy ever since he was five months old so he does not know what allopathy Medicine is just because of Swasthya.   We give a big thanks to them. With children as well he will always understand them in a space coming down to their age and understanding them, their art and their interests. They comfort the child emotionally and guide them in taking effective steps in their life, not just helping physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
During Covid times Dr.Chauhan took perfect care of me and my family especially during the first wave where he looked into the smallest shift in our temperatures, behaviour, and symptoms and immediately set with us to resolve it. My husband’s BP rose really high and as usual first he took the help of allopathic medicines but was uncomfortable. I insisted him to speak to Dr.Chauhan. He spoke to him and after that there was no looking back. 

Today after eight months of medication I can proudly say that he is off every medicine be it homoeopathy or allopathy. 

I’m truly grateful to Dr.Chauhan and Team Swasthya for helping us grow holistically and in every way. 

-Mrs S.A, Mumbai

The Holistic Integrative Therapy for Holistic Healing!

About a decade back I suffered from frequent occurrences of urinary infection.In 2009 infection had spread to my kidneys which required extended hospitalization.
 My nephrologist is an outstanding professional and one who is
indeed an acknowledged expert in his field. Soon I was well but after three
years, I again got the infection and took medicines prescribed by him. After 2-3 years of frequent instances of the urinary infection I was told that I would have to take antibiotics for a long time of 6 months.I was worried and none in my family wanted me to take the antibiotic for six months. My wife, being a medico, told me to look for alternative therapies. My daughter in US told me about Dr Dinesh Chauhan, a homeopath in Vile Parle, right behind my workplace, NMIMS. I was sceptic and told her so but she and my wife insisted I try. And that’s how my learning and experience with homeopathy began. 
But when I met Dr Dinesh Chauhan I was intrigued. He sat in his chamber with another junior doctor and a video camera. After understanding my problem, he told me that he would video-record me and wanted to know more about me. So, I told him all that appears in my CV but he was not satisfied. He asked me about “means an individual”, my beliefs, early childhood, my family, and what each did , my relationships with them, my concerns, fears, dreams etc. For almost 2 hours, I was with him. He listened to me without interruption. I was telling him in those two hours my feelings, my beliefs and values, influencers and role models in my life and what I admired in them. So here I was like a patient on the surgeon’s table who had not only opened my body but also my mind, intellect and my relationship with the universe. I was afraid. Have I done the right thing opening before a stranger? There were many things which I had never spoken about in my life—instances that I had forgotten and how I felt or their impact on me. 
After my story, he told me to wait for medicine. I wondered how would he treat me. He only saw my reports, heard me on my problem and thereafter it was nothing to do with my problem for which I had gone to him. I asked him and he said he does not treat a problem symptomatically or in a narrow manner but in a holistic manner as all body functions, and mind are interrelated. Human emotions and sentiments or human psyche have a bearing on physical health of the individual. I started the treatment with him as a sceptic but over the years became a convert to the Holistic way of healing individuals. I took the medicines given by him for almost 6 months. 
Today is a day when I do not have any recurrence of urinary infection.

As a professor my curiosity took me to understand this therapy, which I realized was called holistic psychotherapy– an integrative type of therapy that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help the individual as a whole. And that is what Dr. Dinesh Chauhan was doing. From a sceptic I became a cooperative patient who had belief in him. I saw him a  dream therapist but no he went beyond. 
I went ahead with him over the six months where I felt more at peace, happy and better. Urinary infection episodes also became less frequent and today I have no instances of this infection. All my reports confirmed it. Today I consult him for many other problems including prostrate and every time I feel better.
Today I strongly believe in this holistic psychotherapy—holistic way of healing
as that is the way world can get rid of its physiological problems and also make
individuals happy and more at peace with themselves and the universe.This Whole treatment made me made change in my personal, and professional life and gradually all these areas became my gift.

-Former VC of Esteemed Mumbai University Former Director IIT Indore

A Journey of Introspection to Awareness

The  whole case taking interview for me was a very detailed information taking process which helped in introspection and awareness of how I perceive my past childhood and later life experiences. It helped me to see how I see things.
And  the follow ups were on a regular monthly basis for me. They used to be of short duration, very specific, to the point discussion. I would share experiences which had touched me during the month. This helped the doctor thereby to address my anxiety and fears. I too became aware of the situations that had affected me and seeked help from my internal frame to deal with them. At times, sharing of dreams took place which was interesting as the doctor would ask probing questions which would set me to think and reflect.The regular follow ups helped in seeing changes in myself. My perceptions of situations would change. I felt more at peace with my situations, more confident, present oriented and positive in facing them. I realised the medicines were helping me to face my challenges as the situation would no longer be bothersome to call for attention in the next visit. It would all be resolved once poured out in the follow up session. I felt more happy, positive and peaceful during the entire time of treatment.

On the whole physical health was also stabilized. Physical health issues of stomach and digestion problems were treated well. I had a terrible eczema issue for which the doctor persisted that I continue homeopathy and results would come by. It took time and I am glad I continued homeopathy and eventually the problem did get resolved.

To Complement my healing process I do remember the doctor having few tips like engaging in doing some fun activity daily, thinking creative ideas and doing different creative things, writing a diary. Doctor once said to go and sit at Marine Drive alone and see what comes up. I did so and felt great that I could do it and able to face the anxiety.

-Ms N L, Mumbai

Coming Back to My Own self!

In 2011 Dec I was diagnosed with CLL during a routine blood test. The word cancer is very frightening as we all know. However, my oncologist assured me that this is not a life-threatening condition and can be managed.

This came in the midst of looking after my husband who had been diagnosed with bone cancer 2 years ago. Somewhere deep down I sensed that my emotional makeup and challenging conditions that added to this emotional upheaval needed to be addressed immediately.
Why is it only when the body signals us through illnesses that we start to pay attention to our emotional problems? 

Having said that, most of us only look at physical ailments and this has happened because we are all used to the allopathic line of treatment where all patients are treated by the same medicines for similar ailments. Allopathy is practised widely and all of us have visited allopathic doctors and taken treatment.
However, our bodies and minds are unique creations. No 2 patients are the same either physically or mentally.
I decided to meet Dr Chauhan at the recommendation of a cousin’s sister. Since I was familiar with the homoeopathic line of treatment I was not surprised when the conversation started with questions about my feelings, emotions and dreams!
Typically we are confused about what we are actually feeling and it’s not very easy to explain the depth of our feelings. Most times there are many feelings and we do not know what we should actually talk about!
I remember our earlier conversation was all about drawing me out more and more. Dr Chauhan asked some direct questions that I attempted to answer. The trick I realised later is to be as close to what you truly feel at that time. This changes with every session. You do develop an ability to express yourself better and better.
Having been his patient for more than 10 years now I understand what Dr means when he speaks about our “design”. It’s our core, our uniqueness as an individual, an individual who is a combination of the physical and mental. It is what makes us who we are.
I learnt so much about myself but most importantly I learnt to accept and respect what uniquely designed me.
For most of our life different ” designs” come together and very often they don’t resonate with our design. What do we do?
We will know what to do when we truly understand our ” design”.
Dr Chauhan’s treatment taught me the authentic way of homoeopathic treatment.

Our physical illnesses are a manifestation of our emotional and mental imbalance because we drift away from our design, or allow other designs to influence us. This line of treatment enables you to get back to your own yourself, be in harmony with your own self so that you can be in harmony with others around you, whatever their design.

– An Entrepreneur, Pune

The Designer Constitutional Pill

The mandatory first 2 hours one on one consultation with Dr Chauhan is unnerving.

He’s quietly insidious, patient, probing.

But once he gets you talking about yourself, the uninterrupted one begins to understand the method in the madness.

Dr Chauhan isn’t interested in your symptoms or your ailments. No way. What he’s after is your mind, your personality, your being.
Once he’s cracked, he probes deeper and deeper over a few hours; he isn’t in any rush, he’s scanning you and corroborating your personality with the materia medica of homoeopathy perhaps. He probes deeper by merely listening, he’s good at that.

He gets a sense of your being.
Arduous as it sounds, he’s relentlessly patient. He must know you, before he decides on a single remedy; a designer constitutional pill so perfect that it covers your entire being.

The one on one with DR Chauhan is imperative and critical and truly unique.
The more honest you are to this inquisition the closer you are to your remedy and permanent cure.

Dr. Chauhan is a patient healer, he’s your friend, your counsellor, your medicine man.
He will alleviate your pain and set you on the path of complete healing.

He’s one of a kind.

I love him.

– The Director, Mumbai

Escaping the Surgery!

Last month I met a friend after many years, and her first reaction to seeing me was, “you have become a lion from a puppy”. That was the best compliment I had received in a long time, and it made me introspect as to what triggered this wonderful and much-needed change in me.

When I started treatment with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan in April 2018, at 48, I was in a terrible state mentally, physically, and emotionally. My pre-menopause had started and with frequent UTIs, and heavy bleeding due to multiple fibroids, the body was playing havoc. Doctors in Chennai advised immediate hysterectomy, including my local homeopath at that time. I was not mentally prepared to undergo the surgery despite family pressure. A friend suggested that I try Dr.Chauhan’s treatment for 6 months and if no relief, then go ahead with the surgery.

Staying in Chennai, I was consulting a Dr. in Mumbai over a phone call who sent medicines through a courier without physically meeting the patient. This was much ridiculed and scoffed at by family, but I was adamant and desperate to avoid surgery at any cost plus I have had full faith in homeopathy since childhood.

Our first call went on for 2-3 hours and I was perplexed as the questions Dr asked me had nothing to do with my medical state but were things that even I had never asked myself before. His holistic approach brought many new insights and talking to him opened a lot of untouched yet raw wounds. I felt heard and understood by a complete stranger who gave me hope and new confidence in myself.

He asked me to note down my dreams and feelings and report them to him in our next consult a month later. I started taking the medicine and looked forward to our next chat. There was a slow shift inside and I observed myself feeling happier and more positive. My family was sure I was on steroids but I ignored them and continued.

Gradually, my body and mind started improving, and six months later tests showed a slight shrinkage in the fibroids as well. I showed the reports to my gynaecologist and she asked me to continue whatever treatment I was taking. It has been 4 years now, and there has been only improvement in every way, physical, mental, and emotional.

Dr. Chauhan’s unique approach and way of treatment are unlike any other doctor I have ever met. He encourages introspection and retrospection so subtly and guides you in self-discovery without you even realizing it. At the end of it, you find the you that you have lost along life’s journey and arrive at a place of peace, harmony, and belonging.

– Mrs C K, Chennai

A Transformed Teenager!

My experience with Dr. Dinesh at the Swasthya Clinic has been wonderful! 

His case taking style has literally changed my grandson’s life. In the beginning my grandson was willing to talk to Dr. Dinesh and things went rather well. As he progressed with his treatment, he did not want to continue having our meetings, but we persisted. As we continue treatment, my grandson has become more willing to have the meetings and tells me that he knows homeopathy has helped him. Dr. Dinesh’s kind nature and calm demeanor makes him “safe” to talk to, especially for a teen-ager. The changes that have taken place in this young man are quite amazing!

-Mrs J. S ( Grandmother of a Teenager, USA)

The Right Marvel Remedy!

I wanted to let you know my daughter’s ear is all better. She has also been such a happy girl. My husband and I were reflecting on the last year our daugther has been working with Dr Dinesh and we were marveling at the transformation. Healing on such a deep level. 

It’s amazing when an acute issue comes up and proves even further how you had found the right remedy! 

Thank you and Dr Dinesh so much! Your work is so appreciated.

—Mrs S G ( Mother of a 7 yr old- USA)

The Consistent Homoeopathic Regime !

I have been seeing Dinesh for a number of years. Initially that was due to some physical issues I was experiencing.
These issues have now been resolved, or remain well under control.
I really appreciate the holistic approach of an interview followed by remedy Dinesh provides.
In fact, I find the 30-60 minute interview itself highly beneficial.
So while I don’t currently have any acute issues, I continued to see Dinesh 6 monthly, I learn something from each meeting – and Dinesh tweaks my ongoing remedy (sometimes no change required)
Over those years I have experienced significant changes to my work, home and family life. I feel I have coped well (physically and mentally) and currently I feel energized, relaxed and happy with my life situation.
I believe my homeopathic regime with Dinesh has been, and continues to be, a key component in enabling me to adapt, and respond positively, to each shift as it occurs.
Many thanks

– Mr G.M, Australia

Exclusively on Homoeopathy !

I have been going to Dr Chauhan since I was about 3-4 years old.
At the time I had a severe case of tonsillitis which required surgery But with the help of dr chauhan I was able to recover fully, without surgery.
Dr Chauhan has always been an insightful person, asking me about my interests, emotions and most importantly, dreams. I remember In our first meeting I told him about this octopus I had dreamt off and every time we meet, he asks me about that.
Dr Chauhan is someone whom I believe in a lot and his medication and treatment has always worked for me.
I had an eye injury due to which my eye pressure remained very high, but 2 weeks after taking homeopathy it came back to normal.
These are just few instances that portray how beneficial Dr Chauhan and homeopathy have been for me.

-Mst R.K, Mumbai