In 2011 Dec I was diagnosed with CLL during a routine blood test. The word cancer is very frightening as we all know. However, my oncologist assured me that this is not a life-threatening condition and can be managed.
This came in the midst of looking after my husband who had been diagnosed with bone cancer 2 years ago. Somewhere deep down I sensed that my emotional makeup and challenging conditions that added to this emotional upheaval needed to be addressed immediately.
Why is it only when the body signals us through illnesses that we start to pay attention to our emotional problems? Having said that, most of us only look at physical ailments and this has happened because we are all used to the allopathic line of treatment where all patients are treated by the same medicines for similar ailments. Allopathy is practised widely and all of us have visited allopathic doctors and taken treatment.
However, our bodies and minds are unique creations. No 2 patients are the same either physically or mentally.
I decided to meet Dr Chauhan at the recommendation of a cousin’s sister. Since I was familiar with the homoeopathic line of treatment I was not surprised when the conversation started with questions about my feelings, emotions and dreams!
Typically we are confused about what we are actually feeling and it’s not very easy to explain the depth of our feelings. Most times there are many feelings and we do not know what we should actually talk about!
I remember our earlier conversation was all about drawing me out more and more. Dr Chauhan asked some direct questions that I attempted to answer. The trick I realised later is to be as close to what you truly feel at that time. This changes with every session. You do develop an ability to express yourself better and better.
Having been his patient for more than 10 years now I understand what Dr means when he speaks about our “design”. It’s our core, our uniqueness as an individual, an individual who is a combination of the physical and mental. It is what makes us who we are.
I learnt so much about myself but most importantly I learnt to accept and respect what uniquely designed me.
For most of our life different ” designs” come together and very often they don’t resonate with our design. What do we do?
We will know what to do when we truly understand our ” design”.
Dr Chauhan’s treatment taught me the authentic way of homoeopathic treatment.

Our physical illnesses are a manifestation of our emotional and mental imbalance because we drift away from our design, or allow other designs to influence us. This line of treatment enables you to get back to your own yourself, be in harmony with your own self so that you can be in harmony with others around you, whatever their design.

–An Entrepreneur