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A Holistic car with two travelers…

Have you been on a road journey anytime, just you and one other friend of yours, a very close friend but maybe exactly opposite of you…have you been to unknown roads, decided unknown destinations, how did you end up there? Did you fight with each other, loose track or reached there perfectly as planned?
Take you back to those days right?
But did you have a special car?
No I am not talking about a technically advanced car, what am I talking about then?
You will know soon, first let me introduce you to two types of travellers who have embarked on the Holistic journey.

So our two travelers are the left brain traveler, and the other is the right brain traveler, just like one of them is the thinking brain, the other is the feeling brain.

The first traveler, a very methodical thinker, well read, loves logic, science, a traveler who loves to know it all, plan things ahead, read reviews, have a fixed chalked out plan, very factual, let’s say just like a highly logical left brain dominant personality
But the other traveler is a happy go lucky person, most unplanned one, who loves to go where he feels at his free will, more intuitively attracted to something, depends on the feel of things rather than logistic, a very artistic kind of person, where logic doesn’t play a role, the day dreamer who could reach any place without at least having an idea about how to get there, he is mostly in his own world, this person is like a right brain dominant personality…

Let me elaborate a bit about this feeling brain and thinking brain, what are these exactly
Feeling Brain represents your emotions, impulses, intuition, and instincts, while the Thinking Brain represents your conscious thoughts, reasoning, calculating payment schedules on your credit card statement is objective and factual. The Feeling Brain is subjective and relative.

Each of your two brains has its strengths and weaknesses. The Left thinking brain is conscientious, accurate, and impartial. It is methodical and rational, but it is also slow. It requires a lot of effort and energy, and like a muscle, it must be built up over time and can become fatigued if overexerted. The Feeling Brain, however, arrives at its conclusions quickly and effortlessly. The problem is that it is often inaccurate and irrational. The Feeling Brain is also a bit of a drama queen and has a bad habit of overreacting.

Now coming back to our two travelers in this special car, who do you think should be at the driver’s seat and who should be sitting next to the driver and the navigator?
If only the left thinking guy is controlling the show, that is navigating and driving then what will happen? But what if the right feeling guy is taking all the controls, what would happen?

What if the right brain traveller is on the driver seat and navigating just listening to its gut feelings and intuitions, his feeling brain will screw the left logical part. He will suddenly stop in the middle of the road and want to explore some other part, take an impulsive turn and reach somewhere else; start partying in the middle of the road. Right brain becomes
irrational, meaning it cannot be reasoned with. And this brings us to even worse news; emotional problems can only have emotional solutions. It’s all up to the feeling brain and if you’ve seen how most people’s Feeling Brains drive, that’s pretty scary.

The car then will become something like a clown car, isn’t it? Driven by the haywire unidirectional flow…
Like a clown or a joker car, suppose this clown car is driven by the right brain dominated clown, then merely drive toward fun it would be all about drinking and partying and careless attitude.