We, the modern people, are highly wired and weird simultaneously. The left-brain directed linear, logical, methodical, scientific and technological progression of our time has ensured that we are 100% well-connected via high-speed internet,but we have a minimal connection with our immediate environment and the people right next to us. It is no wonder that the psycho- somatic diseases of the modern times, obesity, depression, boredom, loneliness and lack of motivation and purpose are quite pervasive. Going back a few thousand years, our ancestors, in living a tribal, nomadic, hunter-gatherer life, were completely dependent on nature for their survival. They hunted animals, and gathered seeds, nuts, fruits and root vegetables from their surroundings. After their need for food was satisfied, they spent unstructured time in singing, dancing, telling stories, creating art, and performing communal rituals that nurtured strong bonds amongst the tribe members. Their personal and social life was guided by right-brain directed activities that sprang out of gut-feeling, instincts, intuition, imagination, and even fantasy.

Between this right-brain based creative ancestry and the left-brain dominated ‘scientific’ age when we live in our own electronic bubble, the divide is very great indeed. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan points out, based on his unique personal and clinical experience, that before it is too late, a balance must be struck between the left- and the right-brain aspects of our lives. But how? It is a commonsense knowledge that there is no left without the right and there is no right without the left. These two aspects complement and complete each other. Dr. Dinesh proposes several methods that can enable us to ask our left-brain dominated selves to calm down a bit and get in touch with the right-brain based aspects of our personality, namely, intuition, gut-feeling, instincts and creativity. When we allow our right-brain to have as much expression as possible, our sense of calm, freedom, satisfaction with life, serenity, peace of mind and a sense of inner grounding and balance all increase beautifully and aided by suitable homeopathic remedies, we experience a healing of our vital force at a very, very deep level. For achieving this balanced state of being, he recommends, as you will further read in this book, creation of a simillimum field by resorting to totally spontaneous activities like walking, stone painting, scribbling, internal witnessing and dark space witnessing. These activities happen as the left-brain is switched off and the right-brain is allowed to express itself without any restraints, just as our hunter-gatherer ancestors were able to do.

In this book that you are about to read, with a stroke of genius, Dr. Dinesh blends the art (right-brain) and the science (left-brain) of healing as he shows how it is possible to get a creative twist on the scientifically intuitive case-witnessing process that he has been practicing as well as teaching. For achieving the right- left balance he offers a menu of 14 different right-brain directed activities that can be used by both the practitioners and seekers of Homeopathy during their healing journey.
It is my hope that you will find this book and the concept of right-brain directed healing activities very useful for your practice and for your patients.