‘Child centric designer approach of holistic healing’ on April ’21

'Every Child is a miracle, he is unique and since the beginning of the world there hasn't been and till the end. of the world there will not be another child like him' -Pablo Casals

We are Enthusiastic to share about the EXCLUSIVE Complementary Webinar conducted by Dr Dinesh on the most intriguing and awaited topic of ‘Child centric designer approach of holistic healing’ on April ’21

There were Interactive exchanges during the webinar where Dr Dinesh mainly focused on
a) The whole concept of Child Centric Case Homeopathic case taking journey,
b) A fresh idea of child friendly Designer Diary with various section during/after treatment to guide child towards his design, healthy pattern and helping him to design everything based on this design.
c) Using spontaneous Artistic methods to use their subconscious to find their design, their designer homeopathic remedy and child centric suggestions.
d) Making children aware of their fear/stress/Phobia homeopathic interview.
e) And last but not the least – under the Challenging New Situation how to potentially use the space to bring them close to their holistic energy
With various examples from the Consulting Chamber.


@ Thanks Dr Chauhan for the simplified methods to tackle the present situation.As usual very methodical and constructive.Thanks for the opportunity

– Dr . S P (PhD professor)

@ Many thanks Dr. Chauhan for the session, it has been very useful not just to better understand our child but ourselves too 🙂

— Mrs B. S

@ Fantastic session Dr. Thank you with much gratitude.

— Mrs C K

@ Very , very nice natural explanation sir my heart got many answers naturally. Really I am speechless hats-off sir-

—Dr. D

@ Thank you very much Sir for this anecdotal explanation of almost everything related to kids🙏

—Dr K C (Physiotherapist)

@ Excellent presentation sir,enjoyed listening to you.

—Mr R K

@ It was a lovely session. Very unique

Few essentials:

1) Highly recommended Book by Drs Chauhan (especially for pediatric patients)
From Treating to Transforming- choose homeopathy-

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2) To Avail Swasthya Child centric Designer diary for your child – https://swasthyahealing.com/child-centric-diary/