Testimonial of a Case Guided with Right Brain Approach in Homeopathy

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International patients
Indian Patients


New normal situations?
Age-related travel restrictions?
Bedridden pathologies?
Time crunch?
And more hurdles…


With technological advancements, it has become an effortless part of us….

INTRODUCING SWASTHYA ONLINE CLINIC...                                     

Systematically and successfully handled at every step of the treatment process since last 20 years.The Online Swasthya Clinic facilitates the treatment process with same depth, time, efforts and system as it does during in-person visits..

Swasthya has an edge for handling online set up due to its Customised paperless software based system (with comprehensive mails of before appointment, after appointments, invoice details,medicine details, next follow up details etc), In house pharmacy and courier systems delivering successfully all over the world etc.

Here are the few points which are necessary and must to follow for the smooth experience and effectiveness of the 1st online consultation.
1) This online session will be on zoom or skype.
(No Google meet, what’sapp video call, face time is possible since its a detailed consultation of approx 2 hrs which requires stable connectivity with good audio video both )
2) 1st consultation takes approximately 2hrs where we understand you as whole in all areas of your life since childhood till today along with your illness to get your unique holistic picture which is the fundamental base for a genuine classical homoeopath to prescribe.
3) For the session you need to connect with the Laptop only, and not with mobile or ipad, so that we can avoid in between calls and messages and you can continue your journey of explaining about yourself with an ease.
4) You need a private space for this session where you can share your heart out and be effortless and spontaneous in that space without any conscious interruptions.
5) Request to keep your internet speed and network good so that we can have a smooth session without technical disturbances. Being near the router and avoiding anybody else to use the internet for that moment if possible can be of additional help for the same.
6) You will receive this mail prior to the first session– this mail also has detailed
description of the concept of the whole interview, log in details, payment details, some articles to refer etc . Kindly go through it.
7) You can pay the Charges for the New case consultation prior to the session.

Kindly follow this rules as it helps us to understand you and your journey well and also helps us to treat you at a deeper level.