This playlist is dedicated to Swasthya’s child centric clinic where insight into
a) The Concept of child-centric interviews, b) Some difficult conditions and pathologies in pediatric cases tackled at a holistic level c) Homoeopathic and holistic management of Nonverbal children cases d) The transformational possibilities and awareness in children and many more Child centric topics are addressed.. Watch out this space for more intriguing healing concepts!

Uniquely able autistic boy with designer approach goes to normal school and live normal life.

Watch this video for boy with all tell a tale for autism , diagnosed by 2 autistic pediatric experts , how with tailor made child centric approach at SWASTHYA helped him gradually to develop eye contact , speech , appropriate emotions, needs, within 13 months child sate at a consulting room all by himself and expressed common as well as difficult questions with ease. When it came to send him school we could sent him to normal schools where 3 school consolers checked him before giving admission and he got the admission. Now 1 yrs down the line he is the teenager living perfectly normal life perusing perfectly normal education with his interest and hobbies along with it .