Swasthya patients speak their heart out… Know from their direct personal experiences the ride of walking through various unique terrains of Swasthya healing space.

A heartfelt Healing experience @Swasthya

One of the patient who wanted fast and quick relief but none of the meds helped , thus settled finally for homoeopathy and saw marvellous results at mental as well as physical level; her belief and idea about homeopathy changed.

Testimonial of a Case Guided with Right Brain Approach in Homeopathy

A case to demonstrate the concept of Right Brain Approach in Homoeopathy Use of unique designer diary after case taking, during follow up And unique right brain guided method to keep them healthy after the treatment.

A Teenager with Emotional Disturbances!!

1. Testimony of a girl with emotional disturbance 2. patient centric advice given once they start improving so they remain on the healthy path 3. Concept of disease explained with the help of an elephant example, interesting right?

An ADHD child with Mild Autism and No Speech @swasthya!

The above video illustrates a case of ADHD and a non verbal Autistic child How we did homoeopathic interview with such child and what difference it made with Tailor- made Child centric Homoeopathic Interview! And the concept of Child centric diary and advises!

Case of home maker having issues of frozen shoulder with allergic bronchitis!

Homeopathy bringing balance at a whole level: Homeopathy does not only improve your disease/illness but it also helps you to maintain equilibrium at your pattern/signature level. it helps you to bring back your healthy pattern. Gradually, with your healthy pattern : 1. you start balancing your day to day personal and professional activity. 2. you start balancing your physical activity and mental activity 3. you start balancing your emotional and intellectual activity 4. you start balancing your day to day conscious as well as artistic activity This we understood through this women who beautifully started balancing her household chores with her hobbies/passion ( mountain climbing, shooting, badminton) & moment she started balancing, her overall health started improving. Thus the advice given to her was to maintain this balance of day to day routine life with her hobbies/ passion/physical activity even after stopping homeopathic meds.

Case of Autism and the journey of improvement through parents words and patient himself !!

Complete narrative of parents and child during the process of improvement and after improvement! The video shares how the Homeopathic Interview was done in this Autistic Child and what difference it made to him with the Homoeopathic designer Remedy. The whole process of follow-ups over every 3months and how the child comes back to his completely normal state and goes to normal school!