Introducing the Co-author KHUMARI

Today I was shaken in my dreams − as I heard a small girl singing. She knew all about me.
I saw her many a times in my darkest hours.
In my dark times, low moments, she is trying to help me. Alas…I failed to pay her a heed.
And so, she chose to hibernate.
It has been long and she has braved once again to come out.
Finally, I decide to come close to her and pay her some attention. She said, she was the artist in me and has been long waiting.
She said, she lay asleep these many years inside of me, waiting for that opportune moment.
Seeing me giving her attention, slowly she peeked out of my mind or me? Not sure.
Anyway, with paying close attention, I can see her clearly.
She actually is the extension of my right−brain!
She said, she was fed up with my unilateral left−brain usage.
And was happy that I had finally started to listen to my right−brain.
We giggled. We talked. She has agreed to accompany me as I journey through the following pages.
You will see her along with me, in this book, helping me, rather helping us walk the terrains that are new and strange for us, terrains where she resides with confidence.
Her name is Khumari!
Come Khumari, lets walk together− With my left and your right, it will be a holistic journey.