The Right brain healing walk

In Himalayas

Every year I go hiking with a group of close friends and homeopaths for 8-10 days, driving along the river leaving behind the city life, we see a transition from noise to silence, from crowd to solitude, from outer chaos to inner introspection and eventually peace. As we leave behind all the digital amenities attached to city dwellers and mingle ourselves with the villagers, we walk through villages on foot, watching every cloud that passes, every tree that calls us on the winding path, we give up ourselves to mother nature, and see the weather playing with the mighty Himalayan peaks. 

 “I had been with a close group of 12-14 Homoeopaths for hikes in Parvati Valley, Kullu India and we did hikes to nearby peaks, everyday walking for about 6-7 hours uphill and gradually ascending from 2,000mtrs to the last we did at 3500mtrs. During our daily walks

(all unique collected things by ppl)

On all the days spontaneously we did a right brain activity like witnessing in the darkness, singing, dancing, playing and throwing ourselves in the mud pool, making individual piles of balancing stones, finding our natural right brain activity, knowing our Alone blissful space and witnessing in that space. And balancing the day we would instigate our left brainleft-brain navigator to pen down our personal experiences  in our Designer diary (Meri-kitab) during these activities at the end of the day.

jumping in mud photo, looking at valley photo, dancing photo, jumping shadow photo

It was such a touching experience; the ripples in each one’s life would be far reaching, deep healing.