A message from Dr. Dinesh to the homeopaths located far and wide, of every school of thought, and persuasions:

In a two-dimensional world, there is cause and effect, there are questions and answers.

 In my book, Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process, I introduced you to a third dimension: a character that is trying to balance the black and white logical with the intuitive flow, the artistic or the right-brain flow.  

In the current book, “The Right Brain Approach in Homeopathy” 

The Right Brain approach in homoeopathy  is a book which takes journey from my earlier work of Three steps of Integrative patient centric case witnessing,  to create a further foundational step during the case witnessing process, where people can safely let go of their left brain and heartily embrace their right brain expressions that are rooted in their non-logical, spontaneous, subconscious true and innermost core thus making the case witnessing journey more and more human-centric, deeper and complete towards their holistic pattern. 

In the day-to-day practice, numerous patients ( Especially for example, homoeopaths, psychologists, patients with one-sided factual talks, hard-core left-sided businessmen, teenagers, people with strong belief systems, geriatric group, etc) are the direct beneficiaries of such an evolution in case-witnessing and, as it turns out, the right-brain approach has become a truly integrative holistic method and ONE MORE TOOL BOXfor understanding the core patterns of the patients with more better depth and surety. 

I am taking you further along and initiating you in methods that you can master and apply in case witnessing with acute situations, children, adults, and just about anyone who seeks homeopathy. 

The beauty of these methods is that they are also useful for you.

You can apply these methods in your own life and see yourself for the very first time, from another, deeper and richer perspective.

You can choose a right brain method that works well for you and use it daily, or biweekly or once a month and find yourself in a very personal and private “blissful space” in your own life. I call it as “Do it yourself” or DIY in short.There is one method of rapid writing – where you can pen down your words without thinking, without a stop, very, very rapidly. In the dark space method, you sit in your space, close your eyes, visualize an empty dark space, and see what comes up. Each method has 10-30 questions that you can apply in your own life. 

As you progress further along, in this right brain approach, you will discover your own characteristics that were hidden from you in plain sight! Out of the menu of 25 methods, you will resonate with those that fit you the best, that you can use with your patients, in your personal and professional space, in your very own, alone, blissful space, and see what you are going through, who you are, and what are your unique characteristics that enable you to find your original, unmodified design , your inner pattern, and your heart’s path. This method could become a gift to yourself and your patients.

At the very outset, I had shared how I  first began seeing my own self using the right brain methods, learning who am I really, before and after the right-brain based explorations of myself, and I am beyond belief convinced that in your skilled hands, the right-brain based methods will become a unique and highly cherished gift for yourself and your patients as you will come to encounter the rich tapestry of your inner true selves. 


WITHIN INDIA: https://swasthyahealing.com/books-2/

INTERNATIONAL: https://swasthyahealing.com/books-3/

Best wishes and thank you. 

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.