The Right Brain Approach In Homoeopathy




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Posology is the Most Debatable Topic of Homoeopathy and needs a Unified Scientific Background to use it systematically and extensively. Different groups of Homoeopaths speak about different posologies

Some advocate one posology while some vouch for two posologies to be given at the same time.Isn’t it eye-opening to know Meaning of Low and High Potencies is Different in the Hahnemann era and the Kentian era.The Law of minimum and the Law of repetition during the Master Hahnemannian era, the Kentian era and during Modern era are different .The guidelines of posology and repetition are given according to that Master system, According to the single Master’s approach which becomes a two-dimensional study.Can we study and apply high and low potencies based on Systematic Holistic Homeopathy principles so we can get answers to our above dilemmas?

These Charts are an attempt to make it an INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC Approach to Posology- in Homoeopathy and During Acutes for you!

Heartfelt Feedbacks:

  • Bravo Dinesh. I loved the webinar on posology.  It is the best explanation I have heard till now.  Really impressive and makes sense. Thank you again!!      Rana Chalabi, Egypt 
  • Thank you Dinesh sir for the great lesson on Posology. Your lessons are like a beacon of light for us students.  May you be blessed with the best of returns.    Kausar Saiyed UK
  • It was good to see you And looking well Dinu.
    I thought the content and theories and presentation were excellent as well as based on experience.
    A very good reference when you feel uncertain. Also helpful for considering to rather change potency than remedy.
     Again invaluable discussion regarding deep and chronic disease. I would like to listen again as I could not give it full attention.   Well done!  Take care. Be loved.   Jenni Tree,Australia