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Mr. R.B, age 27 years is a case of asthma and varicose vein. His another main problem was of eczema with a patch over his leg. During the period of consultation he had gone under lot of stress emotionally because of a relationship. Was very introvert and had mild anxiety. He used to be depressed and used to carry lot of emotions inside and not open up. This sometimes used to lead to emotional outbursts. He used to react in an incorrect way by crying, screaming, break things in anger and physically hurt himself


Had a huge patch over his ankle area on right leg. It was hyperpigmented with lot of dryness over it. There was intense itching especially during night, disturbing his sleep. Sometimes due to excessive itching there used to be watery discharge from the eczema patch. His varicose veins over the ankle and leg area were very prominent.


The patch started becoming lighter. Even the itching had reduced significantly.  There was no discharge or excessive dryness on that area. Varicose veins were better with no pains or prominence of it


1) PHYSICALLY: His recurrent bouts of cold, cough and wheezing decreased. The intensity of asthmatic attacks accompanying cold lessened. He was off his asthalin pumps. Slowly, slowly even his cold frequency went down and now no longer he had any wheezing or asthma bouts. The pain over his legs because of varicose veins reduced considerably.

2) EMOTIONALLY: His depression improved. He was doing his daily activities and was meeting people with interest. Emotional outbursts like crying, screaming, anger and throwing things went away. 

3) AT HOLISTIC LEVEL (STATEWISE): Now he doesn’t get emotionally hurt so easily and is able to speak out his emotions instead of carrying them like a baggage inside. Due to this the issue of relationships improved. As he became more balanced his real interest surfaced and he realised he was stretching beyond limits for being a cricketer and his true purpose which made him happy was business. His balanced, aware mind made him accept this fact and work with more energy and satisfaction.

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