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Homoeopathy: A Designer’s Approach

“Always remember you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.
Having own unique potentiality of experience.
Something that has never been and never
Could have been experienced by anyone else.
Thus treating you as a unique entity and
Recognizing rather than simply admiring.”
Every individual on this earth is a unique energy created by god. He has come on earth only once and is
never going to come back again. Each person exhibits his own set of thoughts, perceptions and
reactions making him very individualistic and unique. He is a designer piece who is designed by Grand
Designing Organiser that is GOD.
They are an entity by themselves displaying various characteristics at all levels that is physical in terms
of looks, body structure, physical illness and mental in terms of not only mental illnesses but thoughts,
feelings, emotions at conscious level and sensations, perceptions and reactions at a deeper level. This
is law of individualization. This is the uniqueness which makes the person what he is. Each individual
born in this planet is blessed with this precious existence which makes him totally, absolutely,
irreplaceably one of its kind.
But queries do come across our inquiring minds that:
 Why it is so important to understand this uniqueness or individuality in homoeopathy?
 Why with my illness homoeopaths need to focus on how I think/feel/sense/react?
 What is the result after understanding these feelings and reactions in homoeopathy?
 Why to sit for hours and understand the human individualistic core in homoeopathic case
witnessing process?
 “I just have hairfall but why you ask me so many questions about my nature, my likes, my
dislikes? Is it a psychogenic problem?”
 what have dreams or thoughts or fears or phobias or imaginations or interests and hobbies or
incidences which had a deep impact has to do with my problems?
As we saw every person feels/ thinks/ perceives/ senses/ reacts/ copes up with his illness, to the
situations, the surroundings, the whole world around him and also with the incidences which had a
deep impact on him in his own individualistic way. This is the crux of the human core.
Illnesses are the manifestations of imbalances in this human core. Whenever an illness is manifested
on a particular body part it is just a representation of altered energy within. They are the result or effect
of the cause within. It is the body‟s way of alarming us about the disturbances at the deeper level.
Though it exemplifies as a part of the body it is the whole of the human core which is essentially and
primarily affected. This is another
scientific pillar of holism where every part is a portrayal of the whole. Also known as „holographic
theory‟ according to physicists.
Thus when illnesses are understood by taking into consideration this whole we get the unique essence
of human being and the deeper aspect, the root of his suffering. It reflects in the fact that people with
even same illnesses are different in way they think/ perceive/ sense/ react that is according to their
distinctive nature.
Homoeopathic science aims at unfolding this depth and thus understand the human core which is the
most holistic and individualistic part of an individual. It believes in understanding a person‟s physical as
well as mental illnesses by going deepest to his individuality& treating holistically.
For this each human has to be understood according to what he gives us and not according to what we
know. The deeper unbiased human core has to be figured out in the same pure and unadulterated way.
To avoid our conscious interpretations and take the patient‟s case as it is we make the approach itself
very individualistic that is according to each patient and thus HUMAN CENTRIC. This provides us with
more clear, detailed and
a substantial understanding of a human being. This process extracts the real being within making both
the physician and the patient become aware of it.

Let us understand this in a much simpler way from the example of tailor made & a unique designer
An ordinary tailor will stitch the clothes as you have given him. According to your size, pattern you select
and charge an amount. But a designer for the same job will have a Different approach! The personality,
the occasion to be worn, the colour which will suit you the best, what pattern will go with your
personality….. all this with your interest.
With you in the centre, involving you as a whole. The Designer will then stitch your garment which will
be meant only for you, suiting your individuality. Only you and nobody else will complement that
When a homoeopath takes the patient towards this exploration through the case taking, this UNIQUE
DESIGNER CREATION surfaces & further unwinds. We try to understand what is embedded in each &
every individual person, the “I” of you, the characteristic qualities being or the substance in you, that
which is the highlight of you, giving a HUMAN CENTRIC APPROACH!!!!!
During this whole case witnessing process we Doctors at Swasthya Homeopathic Healing strive to
understand this UNIQUE DESIGNER CREATION aspect of YOU by taking you along an enlightening
journey towards the HUMAN CORE or CENTRE in a step fashion where an individual‟s mask uncovers,
removing the common part of him to reach to this DESIGNER CREATION.
This is the beauty of nature which is hidden in you, which you are not in touch with in your day to day
life or which you are aware but have not been able to experience it.
This whole experience is done with the permission to go deep within and understand various thoughts,
perceptions, sensations, reactions at a deeper level, so you have a mirror image of yourself.
This UNIQUE DESIGNER CREATION can be corrected and balanced to function at its optimum by
understanding it and giving a Homoeopathic medicine which similar to the unique pattern of that
UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL aspect of you, which is the 1st step towards Healing.
To explore this Uniqueness and to understand the human core to the maximum we have created a
It is divided into three parts:

In the 1ST PART, we listen to the patient passively (yet very alert) whatever he wants to speak about.
Like just before clicking the picture how does the photographer see the broad frame through his
camera. Similarly, the doctor perceives what the patient is expressing, things he is sensitive to. What
the patient‟s focus is in different areas of fears, dreams, interest, hobbies and various others. When
the patient is done with his details, the doctor adjusts the camera‟s focus that is understands the
patient‟s focus thereby ready to go to the next step.
In the 2nd PART physician narrows the broad aspect of patient‟s talks to the essential part of patient‟s
picture. The doctor confirms the focus. He starts directing the journey deeper
with the help of the focus given by the patient. It is about the focusing of the picture, zooming in,
getting adjusted for the picture.
Later, in the 3RD CONCLUDING PART of case taking the physician aims at obtaining the whole
individualistic unique picture corresponding to the pattern of universe. He comprehends the whole
thread of his unique perception and gets the pattern which resembles any of the universal image of any
plant, animal, mineral or nosode kingdoms.
It emerges through such individualistic understanding at holistic level of mind and body thus giving us a
remedy. The doctor will confirm it by exploring different areas if not detailed before by the patient, to
clarify whether the same pattern exists in patient‟s subconscious areas like dreams, interests and
hobbies, other areas like fears, incidences causing deep impact on you etc.
Only when the doctor is 100% sure, he will conclude that the case is complete and will give a remedy to
heal him further. This signifies that when you are sure of the focus then we can go ahead towards the
final confirmation that is when sure of the picture to be zoomed and focused we can go towards the
final click!!
For this purpose, we schedule the first interview appointment such that every patient is given a priority
and maximum time to be well understood without any constraints. Only the patient is called in the
doctor‟s room as he is the only one who can best express about him and what he feels. In cases of
infants, toddlers, parents are inquired regarding the child‟s history and his nature. Also mother‟s history
during pregnancy plays an important role in understanding an infant‟s centre. Since it is the energy of
that infant which gets reflected through mother during her pregnancy.
In this way homoeopathic treatment is PATIENT CENTRIC. Not only an individual is a designer piece, but
the way and approach of understanding him homeopathically in a holistic manner is also designer that
is individualistic.
Patient experiences improvement from deep within with such approach. Rightness and
appropriateness starts setting, in his emotions, perceptions, reactions etc thus balancing the inner

core. As the person heals himself from the deepest level, where the basic cause of all illnesses lies, the
physical manifestations also start showing a positive change. The whole cure becomes apparent at all
levels. That is symptomatically at physical level and at mind level and beyond (at sensations and varied
perceptions). The individual gets balanced thus leading to efficient functioning of his body. Therefore
it‟s not about just relieving the patient of physical symptoms but working towards developing his body
optimum balance is the aim of such holistic science. It also gives a long term benefit in terms of
avoiding the illnesses because of a healthy operating body.
Dr. Riddhi joshi
Dr. Gayatri gambhir

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