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For expecting mothers

I love you, little baby
you’re such a part of me.
Can’t wait to hold you in my arms,
And hug you tenderly.
No matter what you look like,
You’re beautiful, my love,
A precious gift bequeathed to me,
From heaven far above.
Each time I feel you moving,
My heart is filled with joy,
To think that very soon I’ll hold
My little girl or boy,
I’m counting every moment,
Till you’re mine at last, my sweet
It won’t be long until your birth,
Then finally we’ll meet.
(Sharon A. Blevins)
The fabric of existence begins with our journey in the womb. All human beings have experienced
this soulful connection with their mothers. We have come into our very existence while living the first
nine months in our mother’s womb

A comfortable environment that took care of us and sustained us.
The umbilical cord, a vital link, connects the baby to its mother, bonding them physically and
establishing a lifelong relationship. A whole new environment is created as a series of physiological
changes take place in a woman when she gets ready to become a mother. Her mind and body completely
adapt to prepare for her baby, taking care of even the minutest details as per the requirements of
the child. Isn‟t it a miracle of nature?
The spiritual birth of a child begins when the mother imagines the child. The thought is itself energy.
Here, I would like to share an interesting story that I came across when I was doing research on the
mother-child relationship. What I understood from the story was that in certain African tribes, the
birth of a child happens in the mother’s thoughts; she goes to a silent place, invites this energy into
their lives and awaits a song that is her baby’s special song. After she listens to the special song, she
returns home to share it with her partner who also sings the song so that he can share her delight of
being spiritually pregnant with their child. They repeat the song while making love, during conception,
and throughout the nine months that the mother carries the baby. The song is learnt even by the
midwives who will conduct the delivery, and they chant it during the delivery. Interestingly, this song
helps the child in all the stages of his or her development. It helps him or her come out of moments of
sorrow, sad emotions, and so on. In short, the song not only becomes a welcoming gate for the child’s
soul to enter the mother’s womb, it also supports the baby throughout his or her journey of life. This
song hallmarks the child’s individual energy pattern. It speaks that each child on earth has the
unique, individualistic energy which is different from other child.
A child in the womb is nothing but energy. This energy is very pure and wholesome and
individualistic. In the womb, this energy is in its most uncompensated, unadulterated form.
Now this profound and abundant energy has to express itself and make its presence felt. In order to
manifest itself, energy must have a form. However, the child in the womb has no separate form, no
separate existence of its own. It lives through the mother, eats through the mother, breathes
through the mother, and feels through the mother. In short, the child does everything through the
mother. Thus, the child‟s energy is expressed through the mother, and the mother experiences
this energy through her changed thoughts, changed feelings, changed delusions, changed
sensations, changed imaginations, and changed dreams, or intensification of any part of the
mother‟s original state, all of which constitute her state during pregnancy. The child’s energy is
transformed into the mother’s expressions, and the mother’s body is a host to the way the child feels,

thinks, reacts, and senses himself or herself and everything around. Thus, the mother is like a blank
canvas on which the child colours his or her pattern and expresses his or her energy.
BUT… what about the mother’s own individual state, Is there any effect of the mother‟s state on
the child?
Pregnancy is the period of active dialogue between the mother and her child in the womb. They share
a symbiotic relationship, whereby any slight change in either one of them affects the other. Just as
the child manifests his or her pure energy through the mother, so also the mother’s state has some
effect on the child. Any stress (physiological/mental/pathological) experienced by the mother is
relayed into her womb. However, this will stimulate the child in the womb to aggravate his or her own
unique energy. The child’s pure energy, which is stronger than the mother’s energy, will find its
expression through the mother in form of apparent change in her thoughts, feelings, delusions, and
dreams. It is nothing but the child’s state.
Here certain questions jingle in the mind…
Can the mother understand her child‟s energy when the child is in her womb?
Can the mother consciously experience the child‟s energy, be aware of her child within, and
remain in touch with the child?
Can the mother blissfully enjoy the womb connection?
Can the mother and child know each other better in order to have a deep bond between
Can mother‟s awareness of child‟s energy help child to grow in the womb cordially?
YES. The mother definitely can experience the child’s energy and can develop a deep healthy bond,
but the question remains is how?

After a lot of questioning, reflection, meditation, and experimentation, I discovered the Witnessing
Technique with brilliant results when used on patients who were pregnant. Every mother could feel her
child’s energy and was able to be more connected to her child.
It’s the “change” that bears relevance. The to be mother is asked to sit in a calm serene meditative
environment where as far as possible the external environment is not bothering her or not having an
influence on her and do the following
Part 1: Meditation
Sit down and close your eyes.
Focus on your body.
Bring the image of your child in front of you and observe what your being is experiencing.
Note all the verbal and non-verbal expressions coming up again and again in your being.
The pregnant mother is told to write down all her thoughts as they arise in her mind—her feelings,
perceptions, fears, imaginations, and daydreams. Then, she is asked to focus on whatever thought,
feeling, perception, and sensation is alien or different to her. Also, she is told to keep writing about
her total experience, encouraging her to jot down her observations every seven days. The energy
pattern which comes up again and again during the mother’s meditative experience is the central
theme of the child within.
Part 2: Incidents that have a deep impact on the mother while she is pregnant
The pregnant mother can be asked to focus on those incidents that had a deep impact on her during
her present on going pregnancy. Tell her to bring the whole situation in front of her eyes and visualize
it as purely, completely, and vividly as possible—as if she were reliving the whole experience.
Be with the experience and observe whatever bodily sensation or bodily perception is

experienced within in the form of words, images, vibrations, or movements.
Out of all those experiences that you have had, which part, image, word, gesture, or vibration
seemed new, alien, or unique to you?
Sit quietly and try to focus on the change happening within your body and mind.
Is the change alien to you or is it familiar to you?
If the change is alien to the pregnant mother, it must definitely be the energy of the child. She is
told to continue writing down her alien experiences; the more she does this, the easier it will be to
observe the complete proper pattern of the child.
Part 3: Change observed in her physical particulars and physical generals
Cravings and aversions
Part 4: Dreams
Every morning after getting up, sit on the bed and reflect on your dreams. Was the dream
[part of the dream or the whole dream] alien to you, i.e., was the dream one that you had
never experienced before?
Write it down.
Note which part of the dream is most bothersome/ important
Bring the whole dream in front of your eyes and visualize it as purely, completely, and
vividly as possible—as if you were reliving the whole experience.
Be with the experience and observe whatever bodily sensation or bodily perception is
experienced within in the form of words, images, vibrations, or movements. Make a note of

Even if the dream is familiar to the pregnant mother, it will help to understand the mother’s state
better, as she is undergoing physiological stress during pregnancy, which may trigger and aggravate
her own state. Here the mother can be helped with her remedy to attain a state of good health.
Through the witnessing technique, a mother can tune into her inner state and become completely
conscious of the pattern of her child. She can observe her child’s energy by witnessing the way she
thinks, feels, perceives, senses, and reacts during those auspicious months. The „Mother‟s state
during pregnancy‟ gives a new dimension in understanding the child homeopathically. It is an important
means of discovering the child’s remedy if the child is very young. If the child is older, knowledge
about the mother’s pregnancy will help us confirm the child’s remedy.
Not only does it benefit in treating the child homeopathically, but also the witnessing technique helps
the mother and child to know each other better. It can help the mother know and experience his or
her being within her, and get her connected to the child and develop a strong bond with him or her
while he or she is still in the womb.
Intense witnessing within your self will enable you to access a vast amount of healing energy. Through
meditation, the mother can send the powerful healing life force to her child within. It allows the
natural flow of energy, promotes health and calmness so that the mother blissfully enjoys this womb
I would like all of you to witness the ecstatic journey of nine months … walk on the path … experience
the beautiful unfolding of your child’s energy that takes place in the your womb.

(This Article is collected by Dr. Priyanka Jain {Assistant Doctor}
From the Book “A wonder with a little a wander-child Centric Case witnessing”
Authored by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Published by Dr.Urvi Chauhan (Philosia Publications)

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