42yrs male diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenia ( ITP) a bleeding disorder where the platelet counts drops drastically and in his case every time when it drops he has to be hospitalised under intensive care unit with strong steroids and immunosuppressants and it use to happen in every 3-6 months where his platelet counts drops till 2000-5000, when taken tailor-made designer homeopathic  interview and understood him in all 7-8 different areas like in his personal professional area , his day to day conscious and subconscious areas likes dreams fears imaginations along with his illness and how he feels , perceive, sense and react in all these areas.

Based on this given a tailor-made designer homeopathic medicine which is perfectly fitting to his pattern and his illness after which his  platelet count kept on increasing from 5000 to 1,13,000 to 2,71,000 to 3,58,000 in a period of one year and no further hospitalisation required after this holistic tailor-made homeopathic medicine . 

He is mentally and emotionally much better than before and handling his day to day personal professional life in a healthy state of well being . 

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