Child age 7years came with alopecia totalis since birth were tailor-made homeopathic interview the whole tailor-made design of a child which came up was of intense restlessness with constant desire to talk ,non stop , random talks with no connection ,along with this a whole feeling of feeling lonely ,alone and not connected due to his wired look and people calling him that he is more feminine, this pattern run in him with his friends ,in his house ,and in his story books and even in his dreams . A tailor- made remedy matching with this tailor- made pattern and this kind of auto immune disorder was selected. 

Within a year alopecia totalis where there was no hairs at all in any part of the body , gradually hairs at head , eye brows , eye lashes, hands, legs and body came up. Other autoimmune disorder of his like vitiligo patches on chest , axilla hands and face improved over a period of 1 and 1/2 year .



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