From Treating to transforming, Choose Homeopathy: a designer's approach for your child

Author: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan & Dr. Urvi Chauhan (Co-author)
Published by: 
Philosia Publication 
Dimension (In Inches):
8.50″ by 5.50″(Approx)
Type : Softbound, Section Stitched

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About the BOOK

This book is the best all-round introduction to holistic approach of homeopathy and its deeper potential in bringing about transformation in lives of children patients. WHAT is transformation, WHY it is important to invite transformation for your child, HOW to be a partner as parent in bringing about transformation for your child and HOW a homeopath can be a mediator in this entire process is shared in easy to follow language.

You will find many useful tips for homeopathic treatment of children, information on how to lead the case as homeopaths or how to be useful partners in this process, as parents. All these are presented as a dialogue between the child patient, homeopath and the mother. The style of presentation is clear and friendly for everyone. A lot of vital questions a parent carry, and their answers that they are curious to know while they opt for homeopathy, are being explained in an easy-to-read format. It carries rich food for thoughts for the homeopaths, both for themself as well as to pass on to their patients.

What to expect out of this easy-to read book both for Parents and Homeopaths:

  • How homoeopathy transforms life- besides taking care of all types of physical, behavioral and deeper disease patterns- specifically in children cases.
  • Few important questions that  a parent or a guardian carry while  opting for homoeopathy and the scientific answer we can provide as a homoeopath to help them choose best gift of holistic homoeopathy for their kids
  • Getting familiar and hands on (For homeopaths) with the concept of child centric homoeopathic interview, which Drs Chauhan call the child centric case witnessing process that helps open up a child’s inner world to understand his unique personality and depth; this helps a homoeopath to prescribe holistically.
  • NEW DIARY CONCEPT (Swasthya Child centric diary)  that can come as a unique gift for a child, parent as well as homoeopath; the concept is  being explained in a language that is simple to follow and easy to absorb.
  • How to be useful partners as parents in this process of really understanding your child and facilitating the holistic healing journey that opens up a beautiful sharing space between, making the whole process joyous and fulfilling
  • Impact of holistic homoeopathic healing  in blossoming the deeper hidden potentials of children.


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