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“A Wander With A Little Wonder” book has been ranked as BETTER AND EASIER TO BE USED IN DAILY PRACTICE in comparison to the other book being published on paediatric case taking in 2011″ (From the review study being published in spectrum international journals in Germany)

A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing

Author: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan 
Published by: 
Philosia Publication 
Dimension (In Inches):
9.25″ by 7″(Approx) 
Type :Hard Bound, Stitched. 

Price: Rs.450

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About the BOOK

Over the years to develop a system of case taking that Dinesh intended to be, ageless, timeless, beyond any personality and more importantly Human Centric , he develops his own Art of case taking (Case Witnessing Process) that helps to reach the deepest core of the patient with a relative ease. A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing explores the efficacy of the process in treating children. The entire process is completely scientific and reproducible. The first half of the book, Talk the talk, discusses key ideas and concepts and examines the homeopaths role as a catalyst in case witnessing. The second half, Walk the Talk, presents fascinating case examples.

The entire effort behind this book is to provide A to Z of the Case witnessing Process (including various techniques that help unearth the difficult cases) that is specialized for each individual child (Hence-Child-Centric) and which is scientific, easy to follow and reproducible by all.


1. Homoeopathic Links: Editor: Harry Van Der Zee- Reviewed by Kaare Troelson

2. Interhomoeopathy: Online Homeopathic Journal: Editor and Reviewed by Deborah Collins

3. Similia: Australian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine: Editor: Jenni Tree

4. Spectrum of Homoeopathy: Published by Narayana Verlag


“A Wander with a Little Wonder”, was enchanting and captured the wonderful way that Dinesh has with children.” – Jennifer Hepburn (SA)

 “I am so impressed about your book about the Sankaran Method with children. I learned the method  which changed already a lot in my practical work. Although I struggled, it had been almost 2 years how to find the Remedy for children. I studied your book the last 2 weeks VERY seriously. And apart from the fact, that it is really very very nice to read it, I used it as a concrete schooling for myself. Yesterday I then took the first Anamneses with a child in your way and I am simply HAPPY how it worked!  And I am really thankful to you about having been written THIS book! So thoroughly and understandable described! You really SHARE your wisdom with us, the reader! Thanks for that!!!  -Liane Saak (Sottrum)

“Dinesh Chauhan’s second book “The Wander with a Little Wonder” is precisely what we need if we want to become masters of case witnessing. When I read it with every page I’m getting the wonderful feeling that “I can do it!” Everything seems easy and understandable, scientific and reproducible. Thank you, Master! Please, don’t delay your next book!” Rumen Stoychev (HomeoHelp director

“I love the page numbers with the stick figure, and the red ribbon to mark the page. These special touches show how much care and thought went into the making of this book.” Debby  Bruck (Director: Homeopathic World Community)

“Its really gone a long way since his first book. The first book was good but this one is very very high quality.”Dr. Nandita Shah (Auroville, India)

“Dr Dinesh i personally went through your entire book. It is to be kept in everybody library. You have made case taking enjoyable journey to the source. Very clear ideas given in the book. You have made the sensation technique very clear and it can be reproduce by every homoeopath now by following the foot steps given by u to reach to the core of the patient that is his core sensation.”  Dr. Hiten Safi (India)

“the book is written with great thought process, the linking between the chapters is very very nicely put, i have to read the cases butt the concept and ideas have been put beautifully……as i read i keep wanting it to read more and more……. the journey of thousand miles starts with one step this book is surely the first step as far as my journey towards children cases is concerned hope to read more and more books by you and sir……..Dr. Devang shah (India)

“Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s new book is a treasure and a guide for homoeopaths and laypersons alike. Dr. Chauhan explores the realms of the subconscious and the inner experience of the child. His comments on the children’s expressions of their experiences and perceptions offer an experience of subtle awareness, and readers will emerge from reading the book with a sense of having returned to their inherent purity, freedom, and integral awareness.
Through this book, I gained a sense of Dr. Chauhan’s scientific intuition and later found that my own case witnessing abilities had been enhanced by what I learned from it. I am confident that this book will help practitioners to expand their capacity to more insightfully understand their clients .”  -Rebecca Williams (Kullu, India)

This book is also available in the following languages

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wander deGerman Publisher: Narayana Verlag

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