The Right Brain Approach in Homeopathy

Author: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and Khumari
Published by: Philosia Publications
Dimension (In Inches): 210×140 mm
Type :Hard Bound.
Pages: 330

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About the BOOK

The Right Brain approach in homeopathy is a book born from years of thinking, deep personal experience, innovative experiments, and a lightning bolt of inspiration that guided Dr. Dinesh Chauhan to create a human-centric atmosphere during case witnessing process where people can safely let go of their left brain and heartily embrace their right brain expressions that are rooted in their non-logical, spontaneous, subconscious true and innermost core. 
In the day-to-day practice, the right brain approach to homeopathy has enabled Dr. Chauhan to create a brilliant twist in the scientifically intuitive case witnessing process and his numerous patients are the direct beneficiaries of such an evolution in his approach to case-witnessing and, as it turns out, the right-brain approach has become a truly integrative holistic method for understanding the core patterns of the patients at the deepest level. 
Using the right brain approach in homeopathy, Dr Dinesh has been able to solve cases that were governed predominantly by the left-brain aspects, in people belonging to certain professions, for example, homeopaths, psychologists, scientists, politicians and businessmen etc.  This innovative approach has changed the way we can perceive ourselves, our patients, and Life itself. 
This book is not just for homeopathy students and practitioners, but also for the patients. On reading this book, it becomes clear that by enabling our right brain aspects to express themselves, we are enabling ourselves to heal better, faster, deeper and heal fully.

The Co-author KHUMARI.....


Though Dinesh and I have only met a few times, we have become good friends through common purpose and love of homoeopathy.
The concept of right and left brain in relation to homoeopathy is one that has spread in our profession’s consciousness over the last years. These represent two types of thinking: precise data versus free associative thinking, linear versus circular, informative versus conceptual, hard work versus institutive leaps. Logic versus Magic. Sense versus Non-sense. Two approaches to solving cases. Combining this two-sided approach involves both sides of our being-brain and is called synthesis. The techniques we use for finding an appropriate remedy for our patient must reflect this goal. READ MORE …….


There is an interesting observation that children who do not learn to crawl (utilizing left and right sides of their bodies and limbs) but leap into walking (thus by-passing this developmental step) are more apt to be awkward at coordination and the mental equivalent of problem solving
– where left and right working together deliver best results. It is clearly vital to connect the two. Anima and animus working together are both equally necessary for psychological health. We who matured in animus dominated Western style academia, come to the anima later, but we can catch up. Better late than never! Dinesh keeps moving forward in his development and has a knack of taking us with him. He does this with much humor, reminding us that we can do as he does, developing skills we did not know we had, whereby to intuit information that may add depth to case synthesis, as well as explore and reveal the patient’s core state.


We, the modern people, are highly wired and weird simultaneously. Between the right-brain based creative ancestry and the left-brain dominated ‘scientific’ age when we live in our own electronic bubble, the divide is very great indeed. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan points out, based on his unique personal and clinical experience, that before it is too late, a balance must be struck between the left- and the right-brain aspects of our lives. But how? READ MORE…..

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