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An inefficient virus

As they say, An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it and together it creates a more healthy space.

I was reading…
“ in our most intimate moment, as new human life emerges from the old, viruses are essential for our survival there is no us and they – just a gratually blending and shifting mix of DNA. “

Our beginning in uterus starts in collaboration with viruses.

Just that they got crazy, inappropriate (Diseased) now.

Each one of us If stay in this Alone-bliss space and let our holistic healthy design bring our best ART FORM, I am convinced this will have SIMILIMUM effect like universal SIMILIMUM in us and every thing around us. A UNIVERAL GINNIE SIMILIMUM.

As virus 🦠 needs medium to spread and now with this pandemic fear phychosis have created perfect pandemic plateform for them to grow.

Let’s created PANDEMIC SIMILIMUM SPACE BY MATCHING OUR HEALTHY DESIGN AND BRING THAT ON SURFACE. That space itself is not a good medium for them to survive.

Made this artwork in this alone space which we all have gifted with now.

SYMBIOSIS: ethernal love

And another art work done today, touch of similimum.

DO SHARE WHAT COMES UP IN THIS Alone SPace. I am sure it will have deep healing effect all around.

Deep healing hug WITH TOUCH OF SIMILIMUM to stay in tune with your inner healing energy to fight this negative pandemic space, to bring best design of you in this alone space.

Deep healing hug

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