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Connecting with creativity

Connecting with creativity …. in alone lockdown space pandemic space.

In a situation that mirrors our own today, Newton was forced to practice the social-distancing twice during his time epidemic of that time early in his life.

While many of us are struggling to adapt to the new and uncertain challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, Newton thrived in his period of isolation,

It was during this time, from his chamber at Woolsthorpe, that Newton conducted his famous prism experiment.

Also visible from his chamber — stood the now-legendary apple tree.

and Sigmund Freud turned a room in his London home into a sanctuary filled with books and objects to stimulate his mind.

Our own sanctuaries don’t have to be lake houses or entire rooms.

A desk at home, a seat in a favorite room, particular angle in balcony, even a playlist that puts us in the zone will do the trick.

And we have both science and philosophy at our disposal.

For me it is my balcony… sharing some photos from this space of prism of colour and law of gravity.

Deep healing hug

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