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Homoeopathy for Children

“If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing
but geniuses”.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Read this quote more than once and you realize that this quote can be related to your children even today!
We are often amused by what our children do and the way they think. Sometimes their answers make us feel,
“Where did that come from?”
Our children can say and do amusing things because they are very intelligent. Their subconscious is pure and
uncompensated so they are uninhibited. Little children have an amazing capacity to observe and a sharp
memory. They are full of energy; eager to discover life in their own way.
When they are as talented, observant, and intelligent as children so why can‟t each one of them excel as
adults? Why is every child not an Einstein or a Picasso when he grows up? Where does this pure energy
disappear? Does the process of his growing up hide the artist and genius within? Can they remain artist and
genius forever?
This is possible only if the pure energy of a child is kept alive. If their energy is misused for a mundane task or
if it gets blocked thanks to development of various disease in the children, the children want be able to have
benefit of wholesome energy with which they are born. This makes it extremely important to make the
wholesome energy of each children available for their use and to channelize their energy in the right direction
by their parent. And it is here that we see a use and benefit of Homoeopathic remedy. The homoeopathic
remedy neither hamper the vital energy of a child by producing harmful side effect nor it suppress their disease
that eventually blocks a child‟s vital energy. Rather, it gently repairs the disturbance in the vital energy of your
child that causes the disease in him [be it Bacterial, viral, fungal, Auto-Immune or any disease]. It enhances and
aids your child‟s own energy to fight against Disease in them and cure themselves. Thus, with the help of
homoeopathic medicine, your child‟s immune power is helped and raised and you have prepared your child to
fight against recurrent development of infectious diseases in their body.
Imagine, with decrease in development of recurrent infections, with gentle means of homoeopathic treatment
and with nil option of medicinal side effect, what wholesome energy is left at your child‟s stake! And with such wholesome bundle of energy available for your child, and with warmth of your parenting what all he can
achieve in his life!
All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” –
Pablo picasso
 Homoeopathy: A holistic way of understanding and treating your child
Homoeopathy can become one of the preferred methods of treatment especially for children. It treats
the child as a whole rather than just one symptom, therefore a homoeopathic practitioner observes
the child in terms of overall appearance and behavior patterns including emotions and communication
skills. The physical, emotional and mental characteristic history is elicited by interviewing the child
himself as well as the parents. A detailed account of the child‟s complaints is taken especially the
unusual symptoms are noted. For instance; a teething infant may be angry about the pain, or clingy
and whining. There may be associated fever or bowel irregularities.
Homoeopathic treatments are always tailored to the individual child, as each will express
his/her state in their own way.
There is something in every child that needs to be known which he keeps telling us through his little activities.
A homoeopath pays attention to these, the way the children live in their world the way they think, feel, perceive
themselves and their surroundings, what they love to do, the toys of which they are most fond, the cartoons
they like, stories they love to read and hear .All this is an expression of how they would like to live. It is the part
of their little world, a fantasy, which they have created around themselves and which is most real to them
Every child has his own way of looking at things and situations. We understand the child completely through
his thoughts, fears, dreams, imaginations, drawings, through his world. There are lots of parameters to
consider in understanding a child; the medicine is selected individually for each child after a detailed history.
The choice of the remedy is based on the understanding of the child‟s individuality and the remedy not only
cures the disease but also revives his energy thus helps to channelize it in right direction.
Benefits of Homoeopathic treatment:
 The medicine helps the child to come close to his inner self and makes the child realize his potential.
 The medicines are not at all addictive
 There is no side effects or bad effects. As the dosages are so small, effective treatment can be
achieved without dangerous side effects.
 Homoeopathic medicines are prepared mainly from herbs, and minerals and are given in very minute
doses so that they are 100% non-toxic.

 Also unlike antibiotics and other such medicines, homoeopathic pills do not hamper digestion; it does
not lower the resistance power; does not produce allergy and does no harm even if taken for a long
 It is a myth that treatment takes a very long time, the time period depends on the individual, the depth
of his illness and how fast he reacts to the treatment.
 Homoeopathy acts on the children, by increasing the resistance and ability to fight the
 Being pleasant-tasting and easy to take it is an ideal form of treatment for children of all ages
including infants.
 Homoeopathy develops your children‟s inner skills and strengths so that they can handle the
challenges ahead. We know that children will trip and fall at times but we want to teach them how to
pick themselves up, how to turn problems into opportunities and stumbling blocks into stepping
 In acute and chronic disease, whether the symptoms are physical, mental, or emotional, homoeopathy
produces subtle, yet often dramatic healing.
 Children often have recurrent infections due to lowered resistance.. Homoeopathic treatment being
based on the „Wholistic approach‟ treats the disease at the root level, hence enhancing the defense
power of the child. As a result, the child does not fall sick frequently. The aim of homoeopathy is to
stimulate child‟s own curative power to cure themselves..
 Homoeopathy: for improving behavioral imbalance of your child
Many children though not diseased, has certain traits in them, which may not be suited to their growth. A child
may develop certain behaviors or habits, which are quite often out of proportion. Some of the children want to
cling to the mother while sleeping. Some suck their thumb, some bite their nails, while few do bedwetting,
some breaks things and hit others while others are so shy that they hide or run away the moment they see any
stranger or guest or do not mix at all. Some are cranky, they start crying about the most trivial thing, while
some are stubborn and want every demand of theirs fulfilled at that very, moment. These do not show any
obvious signs of illness but these are the indications which point to their inner disturbances.
Every Homoeopath tries to understand these inner disturbances, through various pointers such as the child‟s
fears, dreams, fantasies, movies, cartoons, toys, particular T.V. serials they like to watch, their drawings,
fairytales their peculiar demands, their cravings and aversions and their reaction to illness. In all these areas
children express their inner self. Once we understand their mind, their inner world, we understand the real
cause behind their abnormal behavioral pattern and inner disturbance. and once we know the cause, it is wellhandled through safe and gentle homoeopathic treatment.
 UUse of
Art-forms in Homoeopathic case interview of your child at Swasthya:
It is said that an art is the expression of the inner most concept and it is a vehicle for the communication of
inner conflicts and issues of the subconscious. It represents our inner most self. It connects to the artist‟s
inner storm and conveys his inner vibrations.
Since an art reflects the essence of a person, it is of great importance in Homoeopathy. Since every individual
is different from others in the way they think, feel, perceive and sense themselves and the world around them,
the aim of homoeopathy is to understand everyone as a whole and to explore his peculiarity which distinguishes him from others. It is this, a homoeopathic prescription is based on. This can be easily understood in adults through the verbal expression of their deeper self. They have a very good expressive
capacity usually through their vocabulary. They can recognize their problems and their issues and can express
But children especially young children are limited in expressing their feelings. Children have abstract
thinking and they do not possess the same ability to verbalize difficult feelings and experiences that adults do.
So how does a child express his inner self? How can we know his imaginary world? How he perceives and
feels and senses this world? He can‟t put his emotions into words and hence a question arises in our mind
How to understand a child? There must be some other way to become their friend, to understand them and
communicate with them. They must have some other representational abilities. Psychologists say that children
showcase their feelings through the facial expressions, gestures, movements and through art like drawings,
painting, dancing, etc. Among these, they believe, art is the best way to understand children, which always
speaks of their subconscious which is deeper than their conscious mind. Their spontaneous and innate
creativity facilitates an insight into their inner self and helps a homoeopath to understand their personality.
In scientific research it has been found out that children as young as 18 months begin to express
subconscious Self. Art is one of the channels for children, which externalize their deeper self. Hence in Homoeopathic
case interview at Swasthya, when relevant, we ask children to demonstrate their arts.
Drawing is the simplest way to understand them. Drawings are valuable in building rapport, facilitating
communication, in opening up a new area to explore and understand their unexpressed feelings, perception
and the sensations.
When a child comes to the homoeopath for the treatment, he asks the child to draw something on the paper,
during the process of case taking. He is provided with color pencils for the drawing. The child is allowed to
think on his own. He is asked to draw whatever he wants. So at first, the child is not given any topic for
drawing. While drawing he is recalling, recognizing and fantasizing. He tries to draw fragments of his world or
imagination. The homoeopath doesn‟t interrupt the child till he completes his drawing and gives him enough
time for the complete flow of his ideas.
When the child is drawing, the whole process of his drawing – how he draws, the movements of his fingers,
fast, jerky or slow, the choice of his color etc. is observed. This drawing is not used suggestively or it is not
interpreted because each child has his own imaginary world, which only he can explain. Hence the child‟s
description of the drawing and his feeling and perception about it is important. Thus when the drawn images
are supported by the child‟s verbal explanation about it, it allows the broader concepts to be read at a glance
and at a depth.
Children of different age group have different types of drawing and a homoeopath understands them

Also a homoeopath asks a child to bring with him his other arts like crafts, portraits, poems composed by him
or any other composers, articles written by him, his dance video cassette if dance is his hobby, etc The
homeopath can ask his explanation for it wherever necessary.
Thus children‟s art enables a homoeopath to understand a child‟s inner disturbances and helps him to explore
the child‟s whole imaginary world, how he feels, perceives and senses it. Since art facilitates a direct
communication to the child‟s inner self, it becomes very easy for a homoeopath to understand all these things
by exploring their art.
The advantage is dual:

  1. In the case taking process itself the art opens the child‟s door of communication. It allows the child the
    expression and processing of emotions that may be difficult for them to put into words. It also makes
    his verbal expression more accessible and gives him opportunity for the externalization of his deeper
    self /emotions.
    It provides the child with an insight into the issue he is dealing with which create an awareness of his
    deeper emotions and it helps them to move forward in his healing.
  2. Due to the homoeopathic medicinal action: The treatment helps the child to have more balanced
    emotions and improves the child‟s attitude towards life. It helps him to understand his life better. His
    relationship with his siblings and parents improves. They become less dependent, stronger and more
    He is able to channelise his energy in a proper direction. The child is able to use his creative power
    (Art) to his fullest where he can explore his potential in an endless manner. He becomes aware of his
    aims in life, does all his work without getting distracted, without any fears and anxieties.
    After speaking to the child and understanding him, a homoeopath then focuses his attention towards the state
    of mother during her pregnancy.
     Understanding children through mother‟s history during Pregnancy at Swasthya:
    During case interview of your child at Swasthya, emphasis is given to the mother‟s state of being during the
    pregnancy. The mother‟s state during pregnancy helps in understanding the child‟s state, since it is often seen
    that the present state or behavior of the child is the same as that of the mother during pregnancy.
    WHY and HOW it helps?
    To know that, we need to know few basic things first.
    What is conception?
    Conception is the union of the sperm and ovum leading to the formation of fetus.
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    What is a fetus?
    Fetus is a purest form of energy in the womb; the womb is the child‟s first world. Here the fetus is in an
    uncompensated form and so he is reflecting the purest sensations and energy patterns through the mother‟s
    energy. The child‟s energy is expressed in an intense way on the host i.e. the mother.
    Why is the foetus‟s energy expressed through the mother?
    The mother is the producer of this life force but the fetus is directing her. She begins to feel and behave in
    ways which are alien to her and craves the foods she hates or detests the foods she loves otherwise. This
    whole new personality has evolved within her.
    According to the law of thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be
    transformed from one form to another.
    Fetus is a form of energy and this energy needs to be expressed. In every human being it is expressed through
    thoughts, delusions, emotions, dreams etc. Since the fetus in the womb has no form of its own it expresses its
    energy through the host that is the mother through her emotions, dreams, delusions etc.
    And so the fetus energy is only transformed to the mother‟s energy for the nine months, till the child has his
    own energy form which he can express himself.
    How Mother‟s history during pregnancy is explored:
    Any change in the mother‟s nature in the form of unusual feeling not experienced ever before, delusion,
    perception not present before but observed during pregnancy, change in emotions, behavior pattern, particular
    imaginations, interests, hobbies developed during pregnancy, dream which she had only during her pregnancy,
    cravings, aversions developed during those nine months, which was never a part of her and is experienced
    only during pregnancy
    These important pieces of information lead us to the child‟s state and thus help to determine the child‟s
     Which pediatric diseases can homoeopathy cure?
    In reality, it is practically impossible to enlist those innumerable conditions where homoeopathy is found
    effective. Besides the below-listed conditions one must think of homoeopathy for any resistant, difficult

    Respiratory diseases like cold, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. Infectious diseases like chicken pox,
    measles, mumps, skin boils. Gastric problems like diarrhea and vomiting high grade fever with throat infection,
    teething problems, growth related problems, convulsions, fungal infection, thyroid problems
    Homoeopathy is also very effective for emotional or behavioral problems like hyperactivity, aggressive
    behavior, insecurity, fears, inferiority complex habits like thumb sucking bedwetting, speech disorders etc.
     Antibiotics and children:
    There is definite evidence that the vast majority of childhood fevers are due to viruses. These include obvious sore throats, tonsillitis,
    pharyngitis, rhinitis, acute viral bronchitis and ear aches as well as majority of cold and coughs. The use of antibiotics in these
    circumstances is not only a waste of time as the infection is not susceptible to antibiotics, but also hazardous as resistant strains of
    bacteria are likely to arise in the body of the person thus exposed. Antibiotics itself has side effects like decreasing immunity of the
    child thus reducing the fighting mechanism of the child, abdominal disturbances like diarrhea, lot of skin allergies. Antibiotics also
    hamper the growth of the children.
    Apart from the disease per se there are lots of other parameters that disturb our children in this highly
    competitive world; even our little children are not spared. They too feel stressed some or the other way-
     The Role Of Homoeopathy In Treating Stress Related Disorders
    Every year, suicides related to failures in school examinations are heard of, which shock our sensibilities.
    Stress related diseases in children; like asthma, hyperventilation, migraine headache and gastrointestinal
    illnesses like colitis, irritable bowel syndromes etc are rampant.
    When some children are stressed they cry, become aggressive, talk back or become irritable. Others may
    behave well but become nervous, fearful, or panicky.
    Stress can affect the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and academic well being of children and can
    interfere in their learning and maturation process.
    Causes of stress:
    The stress sets in early these days. As soon as a child starts going to school, he starts getting the common
    rebuke of `hurry up or else.’ The cycle begins with hurrying up in order to catch the school bus, continuing with
    hurriedly finishing his lunch, finishing the homework, coming home early after play, and then sleeping early to
    wake up early the next morning. As one grows up, stress manifests itself in the form of school curriculum,
    exam-based anxiety, and constant changes in schools, parental expectations and stress induced by the social
    circle in which the child is living. With the advancement of media and technology the stress on the child is
    One of the obvious forms of stress comes with the many tests the students have to take. Many students take
    drastic measures because they can‟t cope with these exam pressures. Above all, the child being judged all the
    time by parents and teachers increases the amount of stress on the child.
    Most of the times, the child stretches himself beyond his limits to study. The net results being that they cannot
    handle the pressure of studies and experience failure. The fear of disappointing his parents constantly haunts him. Parents, who set very high unreasonable goals, unnecessarily make their children go through a lot of
    mental stress and pressure.
    Other factors that are causative for stress in some children are when both parents work; or single parenting,
    difficulty in the financial situation or by the increase of television violence. A lot of stress can also be added by
    a teachers’ dictatorial and aggressive behavior, demanding silence, obedience, following certain kind of
    dogmas, comparing the children etc. the Way School children treat each other in and outside school, e.g.,
    bullying and gang behavior also aggravate. Peer pressure and being „in the group‟ simply amplifies the stress
    levels. Competition is another reason for stress. Whether its an exam or an elocution contest or a tennis game,
    winning is what really matters, this puts tremendous pressure on the child.
    Signs and symptoms of stress:
     Recurrent headaches, tummy aches or neck pain
     Increased irritability, sadness, panic, anger
     Being more quiet than usual
     Trouble relaxing or sleeping
     Lethargy, day dreaming
     Withdrawal from activities, which he used to enjoy.
     Excessive energy or restlessness
     Reverting to less mature behaviors
     Nervous habits such as nail biting, hair twisting, thumb sucking, or sighing deeply
     Subtle reactions, a strained look, frowning
     Trouble getting along with friends.
     Have sleep disorders, including sleepwalking
     Bed wetting
     Become fearful, clingy, and anxious
    Though it is important to have a healthy competitive environment (that challenges and grows your child‟s
    potential) for your child, it may turn harmful if it dis-respects your child‟s individuality. So, here comes the
    importance of right parenting and well balanced environment. But, one more important aspect is, it is
    impossible to always have a favorable circumstance, and if your child is not able to cope with unfavorable
    circumstance, need of right treatment arise.
    Homoeopathy helps your child to help himself by fighting the stress and use it in a healthy way. Since, in
    homoepathy, your child is understood and aimed to treat holistically, when he is put on treatment, child
    experiences a positive difference in a way he perceives, feels thinks and reacts with the world around him.
    There is a positive shift in his understanding of his stress and the situations that bring him stress is no longer
    perceived as stress. Homoeopathy helps your child to take the stress in a very positive way and boost his
    morale and remain happy.
    “Stress can be very helpful for the child‟s growth when they understand it better.
    Homoeopathy helps the child to understand their stresses better”.
    So these are a few of the things considered in homoeopathy to understand your child, his individuality fully, to
    help him grow and blossom be successful in whatever his does and use all his energy in the most creative
    way so that the artist who was born remains an artist throughout his life!
    The child is freed of his disease and his immunity enhanced. Homoeopathy also improves the attitude of the
    child towards life and channelizes his energy in a proper direction, where he can explore his potential and
    creativity to a maximum. With the homoeopathic treatment child experiences more energy, has a clear mind, a
    sharp memory and balanced emotions. Their relationship with their siblings and parents changes. They
    become less dependent, stronger and more resilient.
    Homoeopathy understands the child as an individual and it is one of the most dynamic forms of medicine
    capable of producing profound and lasting healing!!!
    “I‟ve opened up like a blooming flower open to endless possibilities

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