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Like our lifeline, every part of our life has various ups and downs in store for us. Giving us a complete experience of the peak and valley.

The peak and valley inevitably go together when we appreciate the larger perspective and the picture.

In life when you are travelling towards the valley….

That is when….

You’re stuck on something and can’t decide how to move ahead or just feeling down about your work or your life or the world at large GO TAKE A WALK.

When you are stuck in a logical linear space in your routine, as in when the left-brain is dominating your way of life and nothing flows in your mind for the moment…PAUSE, BREATHE AND JUST HEAD OUT FOR A WALK.

Even when you are very occupied and overwhelmed with all the commitments and are not having any alone space for yourself or No right brain method too is coming to your rescue in the created alone space- there is one thing that can help you clear your head, gain some perspective and reinvigorate your spirits … GO TAKE A WALK

It’s easy to get engulfed by the screen world and business mode that dominate the modern life and your routine and feel helplessly clouded in your mind from these.

The most essential thing is to break the pattern, change the routine, clear off the haze…

And the best way out is to step out and TAKE A WALK.

An unguided open WALK- holds a lot of potential to surface things buried within especially the illogical right brain expressions, which are conveniently forgotten and avoided like the BIT THAT DOES NOT FIT IN THE CONSCIOUS WORLD.

To sum up the walk outside gives you an opportunity to walk within and create a space meet the other side of you.

So even if your mind is troubled and the headlines are terrible, the birds are still singing, and the clouds are still rolling overhead. While enjoying their company WALK YOUR WAY OUT:) By doing so you’ll be following the footsteps of great individuals like Henry David Thoreau, Friedrich Nietzsche, Wallace Stevens Charles Dickens, Ludwig van Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Charles Darwin and Leonardo da Vinci who have used this simple tool of walk to create an opposite space and come in contact with their other side and bring out their unique creativity.

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