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As humans we have many layers and dimensions to our being some known whereas some consciously and unconsciously concealed.

As we cope up with variety of aspects around in our life we conveniently bury the illogical, the abstract, the subconscious, the imaginary- the one which is not fitting or helpful according to us in the conscious life and situations around

Is it really important to revive the Abstract/ the subconscious/ illogical aspect.

Lets understand…

Imagine your being to be a Mansion with TEN rooms, portraying various phases/areas of your life.

When a fresh new mansion is initially erected all the rooms are maintained and easily accessible… From hall area to kitchen to all the ten rooms everything is intact and precious isn’t so? Effortlessly the house is maintained and utilized as per the need.

We are aware of every nook and corner of this mansion and the whole area is captured in our minds in a picture perfect way.  Every room is specially designed for us for different activities.

But what happens as time passes? What happens as the Mansion ages?

Gradually the picture changes don’t you think so?

In the process of living by the expectations, situations and conscious world from outside we don’t necessarily have the space or the need to visit all the rooms of our mansion.

And as our being ages from childhood to teenage to adulthood till old age we gradually give up and forget many of the rooms.

Especially the ones which are illogical, abstract lets say the right sided rooms☺ which speak about our childhood, imaginations, dreams/daydreams, interests, hobbies, as a child our unconditional areas of happiness, our fears/phobias, imaginary stories, our unique goals etc….

In the same way as a child when we are in touch with our new fresh energy we are in touch with each and every area of our life from conscious to subconscious, from logical to illogical, from situational to abstract, from emotions to dreams etc

We can express and relate to each of the above areas.

We live in that belief and remain with the idea that the other 8 rooms never existed and we are born with only existing left side facing two bedroom, hall, kitchen (so to say the left logical side of our being) that are known to us.

Over a period of time when the Mansion starts wearing out that is when we face imbalance or to say symptoms and illness in our being we keep repairing what is perceivable to us.

We mend, repair and keep maintaining the two bedroom, hall, kitchen convincing ourselves in the process that we are addressing the whole problem.

We think everything should be fine and back to its original state.

But does it really happen?

Not really, we tend to keep falling in the cycle of repair on and off … and fail to permanently address the problem.

Making us wonder that in spite of repairing and fixing all the rooms known to us why there should be a periodic need to redo it in some way or the other?

The key lies in addressing the whole mansion.

That is in Opening up and reviving all the TEN bedrooms to go back to the state of original structure and thus complete repair.

Here we need effective tools for opening and repairing since using them will not only accelerate the journey but also help in making the reversal more and more complete thus permanent.

The Right brain methods /activities are the ones which can give you the view of your whole mansion.

Can make you peep into all the TEN rooms including the right sided ones mentioned above.

It will broaden your perception from having a two bedroom, hall, kitchen to the whole map and details of THE TEN BEDROOM MANSION. From the logical conscious to the abstract, subconscious areas of our being.

Thus the right brain activities will open up all the doors of every room, making you view every area, every corner of your mansion (Your being) revealing the real original complete picture.

We can then be aware and repair the whole mansion that is our being completely to stay in touch with our original structure of Holistic being permanently.


Whole idea of The Right brain approach with the holistic car having two passengers; the thinking brain and the feeling brain is to revisit/reconnect with this original holistic designer being that is our ten bedroom hall kitchen mansion which we have completely forgotten.

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