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Humans are above all social.

Interplay of human beings and thus varied personalities is inevitable in the worldly affair.

The most relatable example of this is a family. Different age groups, different genders, different personalities all coexisting under a single roof – harmoniously enough? Is a question always debatable.

Imagine you have a family of 7 members, a common Indian family having a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and 3 children.

Each member molded within in their own unique way, having his or her own individualistic thought processes, emotions, feelings, perceptions, reactions etc….

Thus each individual functions and speaks through his inner pattern, let’s say the holistic design of their vehicle.

Let’s assume the different unique holistic designs of each member of the family are as if each is wearing different colored glass. This glass makes them see everything around, feel everything around and react to everything around through its fixed single color.

If father is wearing a black colored glass- everything that he will perceive, sense, feel and react since childhood till today, in his personal and professional life, in his relationships, in his problems etc will be convincingly black colored only for him.

In a similar way for mother everything will appear according to the color of the glass she is wearing – let’s say she is wearing grey.  Accordingly the grandparents and the children all have different colored glasses on them ruling their way of life.

Each member of the family is pleasantly unaware of what lies outside the vision of their glasses.

Their own colored glass is the only reality for them.

They have no idea or rather are not ready to believe there can exist any other possibility or any other color around.

Each individual of the family is in their own fixed perception according to the glasses they are wearing.

In fact stronger the color of one member of the family there is more possibility of throwing off that color on other members of the family. Making all the members of the family believe this is the only way to look through life as a whole.

What happens then?

I am sure you must be familiar with the Indian color festival named, ‘Holi’.

It is celebrated by using a variety of colors, which are smeared on each other in a playful way. The atmosphere has chaos of all varieties of colors.  With the play of colors on each other, majority of the times it becomes impossible to recognize the real face of an individual behind the mask of colors smeared on his/her face.

This is exactly what happens within the family when each other’s colors are smeared forcibly. No member of the family can express or retain his own individual unique color healthily. The original face of each member can be easily daunted or rather not allowed to express itself. There is always a tug of war between whose color is the best and who has worn it the strongest.

The strongest colored glass will overshadow all other possible colors rather perceptions of other members of the family.

In such a scenario there will only be a bad mix of colors, a chaos of colors, a random mixture of different colors. Families will co exists mechanically but won’t blend together for a better whole, a better possibility of NEW color after the sync.

The best solution will be to pull down your colored glasses and see with your naked eyes.

So aptly its quoted, ‘The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.

Idea is to overcome your limited perception of life and drop down your glasses.

Be aware, understand and respect each family member’s unique colored glass – a way of his or her thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions etc according to his or her unique inner holistic design to blend all the colors beautifully and not just add up messily with an effort.

Have you ever got a chance to admire the RAINBOW like a child?

Isn’t it the most fascinating wonder of Nature?

Co existence of all seven colors together enhancing the beauty of each one.

The mesmerizing effect is due to the unique blend of different colors together

We too can co exist beautifully yet retaining our own individuality.

We can co- exist beautifully like 7 colors of the rainbow, each one retaining their own color.

 We can look through the other person’s glasses and acknowledge their colors too along with our own colored glasses.

This way the journey of life with our relationships, in our work area, socially etc will be appropriate – and not a stressful chaos of colors but an effortless rainbow of colors.

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