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Is homoeopathy safe during pregnancy?

Homoeopathy offers a safe and effective method of treatment for many problems associated with
pregnancy, provided that an experienced practitioner takes a detailed case history.

Is homoeopathy safe during pregnancy
PREGNANCY IS AN EXCELLENT time to start using Homoeopathy. First because you cannot
take modern medicine because of its side effect. But also because a mother-to-be is closer to
nature, so her body will generally respond very well to treatment, which is based on the nature.
Homoeopathic medicines are prepared mainly from herbs, vegetable kingdom, minerals and are
given in very minute doses so that they are 100% non-toxic, having no adverse effects
whatsoever. Any toxic effects of a crude substance in nature disappear when that substance is
prepared homeopathically. Also unlike antibiotics and other such medicines, homoeopathic pills do
not hamper child’s growth in the uterus. They are also non-addictive and have no unwanted side
effects during pregnancy, even for babies, children, and nursing mothers. Homoeopathy medicine
is safe for the mother and child both.
As homoeopathic medicines are so diluted, their use in pregnancy is considered to be very safe.
They are also safe to take alongside other medications.
Benefits of homoeopathy in pregnancy:
Homoeopathy makes the patient aware of himself. The more one is internally connected the more
energy she’ll have for the process of labor. She will be able to access energy that she didn’t know
she had. It can be an entirely empowering experience.
During pregnancy, woman is more close to herself. Her state during pregnancy gets intensified.
What I mean by this is that her emotions are at the peak, which helps the homoeopath to find the
right medicine. Homoeopath tries to understand this state by understanding the emotions she has
during pregnancy, her feeling and reaction to different situation. Her dreams during pregnancy
changes. Homoeopath also tries to understand the stress during pregnancy, her relation with other members in the house, which helps us to understand her better. She has some peculiar food
desires and aversion, which she develops during pregnancy only. She has some physical
symptoms during pregnancy, which also shows some peculiarity. An extra demand of pregnancy
causes intensifies the woman’s state, which in turn brings out the exact state of her. If a
Homoeopath understand this state, it becomes easy for him to treat the pregnant woman, and the
child later on. We believe that the remedy required by the child is very close to the mother’s state during pregnancy.
By understanding all this we try to give a medicine, which will bring the balance in the
mothers state, which in turn helps to take care of her physical problems, emotional
problems. Her energy level improves; her way of dealing with stress improves. She will be
more calm and focused. All this in turn helps the normal growth of the child. Her fears
during pregnancy decreases, her stress decreases, in a way she experiences the
complete sense of well-being and harmony.
Stress And Pregnancy:
Pregnancy is a special time for a woman and her family. It is a time of many changes in a
pregnant woman’s body, in her emotions, in her actions, and in the life of her family. These all
changes bring the extra stress on her and within her.
Stress, however, does not have to be all-bad. When managed properly, stress can provide us with
the drive to meet new challenges. A pregnant woman (or anyone else) who feels she is coping
well with stress feeling energized, rather than drained, and functioning well at home and work
probably does not face health risks from this stress.
However, when stress builds up to an uncomfortable level, it can be harmful for the pregnant
women. In the short term, a high level of stress can cause fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, poor
appetite or overeating, headaches and backaches. When a high level of stress continues for a
long period, it can contribute to potentially serious health problems, such as lowered resistance to
infectious diseases, high blood pressure and heart disease. Studies also suggest that high levels
of stress may pose special risks during pregnancy.
Stress can also cause pregnancy-related discomforts (such as nausea, fatigue, frequent urination,
swelling and backache). Hormonal changes may be partly responsible for the mood swings
experienced during pregnancy. In addition, many pregnant women and their partners worry about
the health of their baby, their ability to cope with labor and delivery, and their ability to become
good parents. Added financial responsibilities are another common source of stress, especially if
the parents anticipate a reduction in income whether brief or long-term after the baby is born. All of
these worries can be magnified if there is a high-risk pregnancy. Numbers of studies have suggested that high levels of stress may increase the risk of preterm labor and low birth weight of
Each of them finds different tasks or situations stressful. A task that one woman finds enjoyable
can be highly stressful to another. Each of us also reacts differently to an event we perceive as
stressful. There appears to be distinct differences in how our bodies respond to stress, and some
of these differences may have an impact on pregnancy.
Homoeopathy can tackle all such stresses during pregnancy by understanding the
individualistic features of each woman. Homoeopathy tries to bring a balance between
mind and body, which in turn helps her child to grow better. Aim of Homoeopathy is to
stimulate woman’s own curative power, so that her mind and body can deal with stress
without getting affected by it.
As the patient experiences the benefits of Homoeopathic treatment, patient is likely to
experience more energy, to have a clearer mind, a sharper memory, and more balance
emotions. Woman feels like going through the experience of pregnancy. Many patients
say, “I feel like myself again. She feels less dependent on others, feels stronger and more
Fear During Labour and Homoeopathy:
Fear of labour is very common in 90% of the pregnant women. Possible cause for
the fear that awakens during pregnancy is the past events associated with pain,
such as trauma of previous difficult labour, a traumatic abortion or painful
manstruation cycles. This fear of labour sets up a barrier against achieving the
calm and relaxed state required for the birth of the child. This fear of labour can
influence the course of the labour. Homoeopathy can cure the root cause of the
fear, thus allowing the normal course of the labour. What a Homoeopath does is try to
understand the root cause of the fear, by understanding the state of pregnant woman
during that time.
Many times there is an irregular contraction of the uterus because of the fear
associated with it or there may be no contraction because of the fear. Homoeopathy
can cure both this condition very well

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