9yr of old girl child, suffering from psoriasis, patches all over her body especially her legs and hands with too much burning and itching.

After taking child centric tailor-made designer interview where an open child-centric space was given to her and took her to different areas of her life, like her imagination, dreams, stories, fears, phobias, and finally illness, to check how she feels, perceives, sense and react in these areas. And here we look for what is that which is running common and constant in all these above-mentioned areas which gives us a tailor-made pattern/design, a fingerprint, of the child. On the basis of this fingerprint or tailor-made design/pattern, we prescribe a tailor-made designer remedy that is a perfect fit to her pattern and design, in this way she not only shows improvement physically but she improved mentally and emotionally. All her patches became light and all her fears, imaginations, dreams also became appropriate with the tailor-made designer remedy. 



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