A case of lichen planus

A lady in her forties came at Swasthya Clinic on 14th January 2008 for the complaints of hyper- pigmented patches all over her axilla (bilateral). She was being diagnosed as a case of Lichen plannus . She also sufferd from Alopecia Errata (loss of hair in patches over he scalp.). Emotionally she was too stressed regarding balancing her work and family. After her homoeopathic holistic case taking (a case taking that follows the holistic understanding of patient’s body, emotional state, sub-conscious self and altered energy pattern and altered experience), we prescribed  constitutional medicine to her.




PHYSICALLY: In a period of 4-5 months, with three doses of her medicine, her Lichen Plannus improved totally. In another 3 months she got all her hair back over her scalp.   

HOLISTICALLY (STATEWISE): At holistic level we understood that she had difficulty in taking responsibilities and was scared of the same. In every area of her life she couldn’t take up responsibilities be it her home, office work, dreams about not being able to do things and being laughed at etc. After Homoeopathic dose, these deep seated state improved and now she was no longer scared of taking responsibilities and was able to balance her work and family life. Since this stress reduced significantly, her physical complaints started showing improvement. And now she is completely cured with physical and statewise improvement and appropriateness

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